4/19/2012   On the Endless Sphere forums, Justin Le,  inventor of the Cycle Analyst has announced a release of a more powerful and versatile Cycle Analyst, the V3.

The Cycle Analyst is a well thought out battery monitoring device manufactured in Canada that is used in most of the high performance DIY electric bikes today.  Its core feature is to monitor how much amperage the battery has used, and determine what voltage the battery is putting out. It also serves as a amperage or speed limiter, and a speedometer. The Cycle Analyst allows you to ride and have a  solid  idea  of when your battery is going to die, or if there is something wrong with your battery, and set up limits where the cycle analyst will automatically shut your bike down if it hits user programmed  voltage limits.

The new Cycle Analyst adds the exciting feature of pedal assist, meaning the Cycle Analyst can determine how much you are pedaling, and then add power according to how much of a percentage boost you tell it you want. At the Tapei bike show last month where the v3 cycle analyst debuted, Justin set up a display that demonstrated how the Cycle Analyst was  able to determine how much “juice” the rider was putting out and then apply motor accordingly.  The Cycle Analyst gets this information from a cadence sensor built into the bottom bracket of the bicycle:

By addding pedal assist, the Cycle Analyst has the potential to make all DIY bikes more sophisticated and easier and funner to ride.

To test the new V3 on a road trip, Justin set up a test ebike and went on a 20 mile trip in Shanghai China to visit a friend of his, a fellow ebike rider Cellman.


For those who don’t know who Justin is, he is #2 on EB’s Most Influencial People of the Ebike revolution list. He is also the ringmaster of ebikes.ca and endless-sphere.com.

I have always remembered him for his epic Ebike ride where he rode an ebike built by himself on a 4000 mile trip across Canada:

Justin’s biggest contribution to the ebike world in my opinion has been the actual inventing and selling 0f  the Cycle Analyst. The Cycle Analyst has made it safer to run lipos etc, and has opened the floodgate for bunches of DIY builds.

I had the privilege of doing an ebike ride with Justin while he was visiting San Francisco late  last summer and he spoke of the possibility of doing a new and improved Cycle Analyst while we looked over the Golden Gate Bridge at sunset.  He said he would need 4 months of uninterrupted development time and he could make big improvements to the existing CA. Sure enough, Justin disappeared from the forums of Endless Sphere for around 6 months, and when he reappeared he announced the exciting new Cycle Analyst in this thread here.

Not only does the Cycle Analyst add pedal assist but adds many new features because of a brand new cirquit board which allows hook ups for temperature sensors and other good inputs:


With new and improved hardware, Justin is able to  use his wizardry to make a truly functional and versatile display:


As if the old V2 Cycle Analyst wasn’t enough of a game changer, the V3 adds so many more features and a lot more potential for later firmware releases. If you do buy the Cycle Analyst v3, especially an early release (beta avialable right now) be sure to buy the programming cable so you can change the software later as it progresses and upgrades.

My favorite addition is the cycle analyst is temperature monitoring and control. I think a temperature sensor has been long overdue on the Cycle Analayst, but rather than just display temperature, the new v3 will dial the throttle incrementally back as the motor, controller or battery gets too hot. This is a feature that until now was reserved for expensive EV’s like electric motorcycles and cars.

The Cycle Analyst is available now as a beta release , and will be released soon to the general public on the ebikes.ca website. The price is around $160 ($40 more than the v2).