NYC Clamps Down on Electric Bikes

April 12, 2012

April, 2012

The officials in charge of New York City have had enough of e-bikes  and are clamping down and intensifying enforcement on a law made back in 2004 that electric bikes are illegal in the entire state of New York.  It was announced on April 12th on the city hall steps by city council member Jessica Lappin that the fine for riding an electric bike in New York has been increased from $500 to $1000. She said “My office has been deluged with complaints about the scourge  of these souped up delivery bikes, which can hit speeds of 30 mph. In a recent survey, a whopping 72% of  constituents said they’d “been hit or almost hit” by a delivery bike, and not surprisingly, about the same percentage favored increasing fines on electric bikes.”    Most of the blame on the crackdown is being put on food delivery men who often time ride ebikes at reckless speeds. Also it has been announced that many electric bikes have been confiscated by the New York City Police Department.

Jessica Lappin announces crack down on Ebikes

The Council Member said she was particularly concerned for elderly residents in her Upper East Side district, and quoted one of them as saying these electric bikes “converge on me from multiple directions.” State Senator Liz Krueger was also on hand, and echoed the same concerns, asking, “Who will think of the mothers pushing carriages who are at risk for their lives?” David Pollack, from the Committee for Taxi Safety, went even further, calling the bikes “a menace to little children” and a “menace to society”, and describing how he was nearly hit twice during a single walk outside this week.

In China where millions of electric bikes are flooding the streets, many big cities have outlawed electric bikes as well. Southeastern Chinese city of Shenzhen, which borders Hong Kong, banned electric bikes in main downtown areas reduce related traffic accidents. Statistics showed electric bikes were blamed for 64 deaths in 268 roads accidents last year in just that one city. The city has over 500,000 electric bikes and the ban is believed to greatly increase the operational costs of express delivery companies which rely heavily on electric bikes.

In the above picture you see the very expensive Ebike collection of  a New York resident and an ebike enthusiast who for good reason wishes to be anonymous. . It would be terrible if he got one of these $12k ebikes confiscated (a Stealth Bomber, and a Optibike 850). This ebiker has said his plan is to continue riding his Stealth Bomber which is silent, and if he gets pulled over tell the officer he is riding it with the power off.   However, the officer might argue that an ebike riding on the street is illegal whether the power switch is turned on or off. Another ebiker said he plans to buy an Optibke (in the right of the picture) just so if the cops see him he looks like an ordinary bicyclist taking advantage  of the Optibike’s stealthy appearance (looks like regular non powered mountain bike).

For electric bike enthusiasts this clamping down in NYC  and other big cities where the electric bike movement is more progressed (China) should raise alarm signals of what could follow in other major cities if Ebike riders do not change their riding habits. As the population of electric bike riders grows, it will become more and more of an issue.

Anyone who’s driven or walked through mid-town Manhattan knows what a navigational nightmare it can be for anybike rider most hours of the day or evening, i.e. buses, cabs, emergency vehicles, delivery trucks, vendors, and more, all competing for a piece of pavement, many making frequent stops or detours around double-parked vehicles, etc. Now add both pedal and e-powered bikes, many driven by impatient underpaid deliverymen who routinely disobey both traffic laws and common sense, e.g. riding on sidewalk, riding the wrong way down one way streets, etc. and you start to appreciate the potential for personal injury and utter mayhem. There are no easy answers here due to the severe congestion and lack of sufficient patrolmen to enforce whatever laws are on the books.

I’m neither condoning nor condemning this latest proposal because NY has yet to pass any sensible e-bike legislation to date, though there’s been a perfectly reasonable bill sitting in the state senate for several years now. I will say that one positive of this controversy is that perhaps it will get all sides talking seriously
and finally deciding what should and should not be legal on the streets of the city and NY state in the way of e-bikes. Separately, bike lanes have been tried in Manhattan–and mostly abandoned or ignored–in the recent past, mainly because they’re simply impossible to enforce in such an overcongested environment.

What is interesting in New York City Wheels, one of the largest ebike retailers in the United States with a big internet presence is based in NYC where it is technically not only illegal  to ride ebikes but also to sell them.

As a funny side not on the other side of the bridge in Harlem they are having a problem with off-road totally illegal mx motorcycles running rampant through city streets, on sidewalks etc. The police have decided to not chase these guys because when they do they cant catch them and people tend to get hurt. Because the guys are not slow and cooperative like ebike guys the Harlem riders are hard to catch.

Read the story here an be sure to watch the video for pure chaos, guys riding along side cop  cars and fleeing on sidewalks etc:

Stay tuned for further developments from the e-bike front line that is New York City.




Eric has been involved in the electric bike industry since 2002 when he started a 6000 square foot brick and mortar Electric Bike store in downtown San Francisco. He is a true believer that small electric vehicles can change the way we operate and the way we think.


  1. Boo!

  2. another Booo!

  3. stupid….

  4. But motorcycles are allowed, why? because they have to buy gas! Politicians please, please, stop offending people!

    • It’s the regulations my friend. It’s one of the sources of incomes.

      • Yeah, but who likes this law in New York? To ban the e-bikes? Nobody would like it at all, even when I don’t live in New York I don’t like that they banned the e-bikes. My dad became surprised that they banned the e-bikes. In this case they also should ban mopeds and motorbikes according my dad. Lucky for me to live in Sweden where nobody would ban e-bikes at all, but the politicians in New York should neither ban the e-bikes. There are e-bike drivers that drive their e-bikes instead of cars in the world and if anyone of them comes to New York and ride their e-bikes, the police can stop the e-bike driver who doesn’t know the law banning the e-bikes in New York. What happens then? Shall the e-bike driver get fined? It wouldn’t be funny to lose the money for driving an e-bike at all!

        • I know I live in NYC, I wanted an e-bike but commercial interest and local groups are against it.

          • Yeah this is what I am against, that they’re against that you want to get an e-bike… maybe you’d better get an e-bike somewhere outside the NYC, the only town I know that is banning the e-bikes is New York so I don’t know any other town banning the e-bikes. I was reading the comments about New York banning the electric bikes and many still drive their e-bikes in New York. But if I was riding my e-bike I would only ride it legally, how should I ride it in New York? This has got impossible because of the politicians banning the e-bikes. Anyway I live in Sweden and I’m happy because of that there’s nobody that would get such bad ideas like this one.

      • What incomes? Fines from people who don’t know anything about that e-bikes are completely illegal in New York!

    • I’m not 100 % sure, but I also don’t know if the pedalable motorbikes are allowed.

  5. “The squeaky wheel always gets the oil”- or in this case the freedom to use electricity.

    E-bikers MUST get organized and put the same pressure on attention seeking politicians as the anti E-bike whiners. If the E-bike community does not start to fight back hard they will be run over by the same type of overweight, in drastic need of exercise, individuals as we see in that City Hall photo op. People who clearly are in serious need of an E-bike.

    If E-bikes had gas tanks no one would bother their riders. Perhaps that is the best and simplest solution. Start making those Lithium batteries in the shape of Harley-Davidson, Honda, Yamaha, Suzucki, Moto Guzzi, etc. etc. gas tanks. Problem solved.

    Also start publishing photos of the thousands of police depts. nationwide now starting to make use of economical E-bikes. Double standard, anyone ? Not to mention “unequal and discriminatory treatment” of people who are just trying to save the planet.

    The E-bike community should start lining up Lawyers to prepare and file some heavy duty and very serious “disparate treatment claim” lawsuits against NYC, NYS and name and hold politicians and officials, “jointly and individually” liable for damages for breaking Laws involving “unfair and unequal treatment” between those riders that depend on environment destroying gasoline and those who utilize economical and health friendly electricity.

    Those who have any clout and/or sway and say, in the E-bike world absolutely must organize immediately, without delay, to push back against those who are determined to claim there is some strange type of difference between E-bikers and fossil fuel bikers.

    Any delay in the above spells disaster. Diplomacy and the soft touch approach has its place in life. But the Civil Rights movement knew and understood well, that strong and courageous action is sometimes necessary to get one’s point across and achieve important and Just goals. For every bike the police attempt to confiscate I say put one hundred more E-bikes on the streets of New York City.

    How about 10,000 (Ten Thousand) E-bikers riding around NYC’s Central Park every Sunday afternoon, rain or shine starting this Summer.

    This is not some small tiff between those who are overweight (in body and wallet), and ordinary people who believe in good health and saving our air and our children’s health and our Planet’s future.

    This is about a major difference in priorities and world views and the unmitigated greed of the Oil Lobby and their supporters.

    And let every E-biker on the Planet Earth wear a shirt that says loud and clear:

    “I want to protect our Earth for our Children’s Future. Do you ?? “

    • If E-bikes had gas tanks no one would bother their riders. Perhaps that
      is the best and simplest solution. Start making those Lithium
      batteries in the shape of Harley-Davidson, Honda, Yamaha, Suzucki, Moto
      Guzzi, etc. etc. gas tanks. Problem solved.

      That’s not only not a solution, it will get you in trouble. In New York State, gas-powered motorized bicycles and scooters are illegal. If you don’t have registration, license and maybe insurance like a moped or a motor scooter, your bike is going to be confiscated. And since bicycles don’t have vehicle identification numbers, you can’t get them registered or insured. An e-bike with a tank-shaped battery will also get stopped just for looking like a gas bike. Stealth is the only option for now, until such time as City Hall comes to its senses.

      • If the gas powered bicycles and scooters are illegal, what could be legal in New York in this case when they banned the e-bikes? Motorbikes are allowed but not the e-bikes? Just to wonder why. A source of incomes? What incomes? This is all ridicilous that they banned the e-bikes. I would just hope that the politicians will stop banning e-bikes. I also wonder what the politicians would say if somebody would drive an electric motorbike there, are those legal in New York? Are the e-bikes classed as motorbikes allowed in New York? How did they think about banning e-bikes in New York?

    • I’d be willing to participate in something like this. I absolutely LOVE my e-bike, and I always follow the law.

  6. Thanks Bloomberg for another 2 steps back for progress. Lets ban electric cars too because the idiots texting and walking across the street when the light is green can’t hear them coming either.

    • That was actually more than two steps back in progress. But I also think like you here, if the politicians in New York banned the e-bikes then let’s ban every electric thing. Also let’s ban the trains too because they’re electric. Ban every electric thing.

    • If you want to fight this, then there needs to be a march on City Hall for electric bikes. There is so much marching these, why not for this? Consider what people want, this should be an easy thing to pass. Possibly about 5k to 10k amount of people may do it.

  7. How could they in New York just make it illegal to traffic the New York streets with e-bikes? Very bad, bad things! Look at this: New York is the one of the world’s biggest cities with many million people living in that town, there are more buses and trains needed because more people need a bigger public transport, the car gives a bigger freedom than the public transport and the bikes give exactly the same freedom. I haven’t got a very fast e-bike, just fast enough to be legal according the Swedish law (max speed 25 km/h and max effect 250 W). The only difference between a car and a bike is that a car can carry more cargo and go faster than a bike but you can do the same things with a bike like with a car: you don’t need to start from a bus stop to another one and you don’t need to worry about being late to the bus or that the bus driver just runs too soon. Once I was going to get home from the school but the bus driver who saw me in the mirror still ran away from me a whole minute too soon. I live 30 kilometres from the school and needed to go by that bus but the bus driver still ran from me so I couldn’t take the bus in the right time. And when I was going to wait for the next bus I needed waiting for it in 1,5 hours! This is one of the reasons making me prefering an electric bike instead of going by bus. Another fact is that bus isn’t environmental friendly. If I would go by a train, I would either prefer a train than a bus because trains are environmental friendly and the buses are not. Anyway the bikes give more freedom than a train or bus.

    Even when buses are faster than some e-bikes and faster than my e-bike, the e-bikes are cheap to use, they offer the same freedom that the car offers and much more. If you get a bike or a car you can start your trip where ever you want, when ever you want and stop it in the same way, this isn’t what a bus (driver) can offer. If you are a bus passenger you get dependent of times and bus stops and sometimes it’s not fun at all! When there are more people in New York, there may also be more vehicles and if there shall be more vehicles, there should be more ELECTRIC vehicles instead of those gas powered vehicles because the electric vehicles make no pollutions and motorbikes that also are powered by gasoline are still allowed to drive in New York. They should allow electric bikes in New York and make gasoline powered bikes illegal.

  8. ban the cars,some motherfuks dont know how to drive,text in it suck coffee have sesx and more what can e biker do? try to make few bucks for living and no tips

  9. Backwards thinking, scaremongering people into thinking a 20mph bike is more dangeours than the thousands of car and taxi drivers with an IQ of a peanut. I will definitely consider moving to a more progressive common sense city.

    • “dangerous” = IQ of peanut.

      • “dangeours” = typo; your response = IQ of a peanut

  10. most ebike users ride safely and no different to non ebike. there is not much difference between ebikes and non ebikes anyway so this shows they are just on a power trip. defy them. as soon as we have as many as china they will be able to do nothing. dont ride them on sidewalks though as this is unsafe at high speeds. fair enough not use them on sidewalks but to stop people using ebikes on road is violating peoples civil rights and cops will simply not do this and refuse to do this s it will make them look like idiots and they simply wont do it. just dont ride on sidewalks

    • Once in 1998 there was a man living in Warsaw in Poland, he said that “Warsaw isn’t a village to be cycling around”. When people heard that, they took their bikes out and blocked the streets so the car drivers couldn’t overtake them. Especially in the centre of Warsaw there were many bikers that blocked the car drivers from overtaking them all. This is called Critical Mass, the first one in the world happened in San Francisco in 1992. Why wouldn’t people in New York make such a Critical Mass with their usual bikes AND the e-bikes? This is what they should make all the time till the politicians will allow the e-bikes in New York again.

      • Easiest way to get public sentiment even MORE against you.

  11. The problem is not the bikes, it’s the drivers. There are plenty of laws in place that can take care of the problems without trying to label a particular technology as the villain. Riding in the wrong direction? Ticket! Not yielding to pedestrians? Ticket! If the NYPD posted one guy, for one day, in each of about ten intersections and had him just ticket every biker going the wrong way the problem would stop pretty fast. I want to run a business trailing a cart on an electric bike and may have to squash the whole plan! How friggin’ aggravating!

  12. New York is a “Police State”. Resident don’t even bother what laws are being in place. Think amount the soda size policies, New York residents don’t even care.

    • Silly statement, Of course we care

  13. THe NYPD and govt. are just corporations like Macdonalds. Police have no more authority than a Mc D employee. No law … only statutes.$$$$$$$$$. D
    o not comply.
    No law (Common Law) broken till someone hurt or something damaged. You can’t legislate against “stupid”. It’s just about the $$$$$$.

  14. Ban the cars, motorbikes and mopeds. Some drivers don’t know how to drive and cause big and serious accidents and how serious accidents can an e-biker cause?

  15. I am disabled and I use and rely on my ebike all the time. I am planning on bringing ebike to NY, but what is the point now that they have outlawed its use there? This is ridiculous, to say the least!

  16. We should all do a government protest. Instead of banning the E-Bikes have them put a speed limit on the bikes. But must obey traffic protocol.

    • I think a government protest would be a good thing, I don’t think the government politicians are riding any bike at all. Banning e-bikes doesn’t sound any logic, which e-bikes are legal and which are illegal in this case in New York? I would wonder how politicians would react if they saw a motorcyclist on an electric motorbike that is pedalable like the Hanebrink Hustler or any other electric motorbike. If they banned all e-bikes then they should ban all electric vehicles, including trains. And I wonder what politicians think… they banned e-bikes and I will spread this out so that people will know it all. I told my parents about it, now I’m telling other students in my school about it and I also tell my teachers about this. Hope that politicians will undo their e-bike banning.

  17. Hopefully this is just a temporary measure while they sort out the laws for e-bikes. It will be a complicated issue, not just for NY but every city. Especially as technology gets better and e-bikes approach motorcycle performance.

    Some common sense is needed: yes a 2000W e-bike is more of a dirt bike than a bicycle and should need a license. But those models can’t be lumped in the same category as a 250W kit which just helps pedal so I think a global ban on them would be a bad decision.

    From what I’ve seen in practice the cops do apply common sense. From my experience unless you’re on a powerful e-bike or going way too fast for the area they don’t harass you.

  18. I LOVE my e-bike, and I’ve never been stopped by the police. Maybe it’s because I ride in the bike lanes, I never ride on the sidewalk or go down one way streets, and I follow the laws/road signs regular drivers do. Hopefully I’ll continue to be able to use my bike because it has made my life soooo much easier. I was wondering if anyone knows of a club in NYC of e-bike riders?

    • I love my Ebike too, I’ve never worried about the NYPD as I ride the posted bike lines, RESPECTFUL of other cyclists and careful of cars, I have two bar end mirrors plus wireless signal lights and a G sensor multi led Brake light too. I do not deliver professionally and have no rear rack fitted. I do ride the sidewalks when powered off or walking my dog on walk assist but find people both amused and tolerant, (My dog is REALLY cute 😉 …incidentally My Brother who’s an avid Ebiker, was telling me of a club in Brooklyn that meet up to ride, I’ll have to find out details and update.

      • Would love to join a club. I’ve been hearing different things about riding in the bike lanes. I used to think I was supposed to, but now hear that any bike with a motor is not legally allowed to be in bike lanes. Plus, when I go over the bridges into Manhattan, every single time there’s someone yelling at me. I guess because my e-bike is gold and covered in rhinestones, crystals, and jewelry, lol. And yes, I now get stopped by cops but they can never agree on whether my bike is legal or not. So far, no tickets not confiscated, thank god.

    • If you fine one let me know my bike is great and I ride like you do and never been stop but I have a lot of lights on my bike it’s great I hope they don’t bann them cause it’s great for my two jobs

  19. Super difficult to get a CCW. Illegal to get an e-Bike. But the cops can snatch you up for being black, 15 times a day. You can keep NYC.

  20. City of ny , nyc. Gives permit to ebike stores to sale e bikes and anyother bikes and makes money, but same time they tell nypd to collect the ebikes, this is not fair nyc isplaying a dirty game and stilling money for permits of store owners, nyc has taken my money and gave me permot to sale bikes in my store but they also tell police to collec the bikes, this is full of shit

  21. People need to follow the rules of the road, whether walking, bicycling, riding a motorcycle, scooter, skateboard, or driving a vehicle. I find the worst offenders are the scooter bike type things. They drive the wrong way on one way streets, go without lights. They never signal, and regularly run lights. Pedestrians are so distracted, regularly crossing anywhere at any time. Its a wonder more aren’t killed. Cars, trucks and bikes also run lights. Its a mess.

    • From my understanding the ban is not total, only on E-bikes with a throttle.
      PAS only E-Bikes are permitted.
      From my experience the issue is down to pedestrians lack of awareness resulting from;
      1. E-bikes are silent so the pedsetrian doesnt have an audible trigger to look before crossing the road. Personally I fitted a permanent light up front and a small electric horn just loud enough to get the attention of anyone standing on the pavement ahead.
      2. E-bikes generally ride a bit faster, so impacts are harsher. Pedestrians definitely dont judge the speed of an oncoming E-cyclist to be so high, so often step out tp cross the road only to realise a second later their error.
      Again getting the attention of the pedestrials is vital.
      Remember that it is the nature of humans to often be in a hurry, and its also not surprising that fast quite E-bikes get overlooked, so we must do our bit as the E-cyclists to help improve our visability & auability when we ride around congested streets.

  22. This is an outrage. Seniors myself included need these bikes because they can no longer pump the hills like they did when they were younger. This is a typical kneejerk reaction to a problem. What’s wrong with requiring governors that limit speeds in metro areas? My primary interest is not so much speed as it is range. The ability of traveling great distances from my home with out fear of not having the energy to return home is a great incentive as is the ability of tackling steep hills without having to get off the bike and push. This will be a boon to mobility as have “Hoverrounds” and similar motorized handcap seats. The new lithium batteries have greatly increased the reliability of all such devices. Let’s not punish seniors with draconian laws by someone who has little appreciation for the thing they’re restricting. Design laws that target the irresponsible use of these machines not eliminating the great benefit these devices can have for many.people.

  23. They are NOT bikes ! stop calling this thing a bike. People on a bike move, they sport ! they train ! they are fair !

    • Are ebikers unfair? We don’t play any games or compete – we commute or have fun. We don’t have any big ala Lycra events and block half a city just so we can ‘sport’ or ‘train’.

  24. I would think that New Yorkers should petition local politicians to legalize these vehicles ASAP. I’d love to buy one myself.

    • Legalization will probably result in laws upon more strict laws being written to make cycling in general less of a viable transport.

  25. I am 58 years old and I am back out on the road on my e-bike. With an artificial ankle I do not want to put extra pressure on my joint. I ride following the rules of the road and getting needed exercise. I should not have to worry that my bike will be conficated.

  26. That’s the democrats for you. Instead of just enforcing existing laws to sop the ones committing the crimes, just outlaw EVERYTHING!

  27. So many America’s don’t like this but so little will do something about it that’s why the usa is f**ked up smh . Most of us is poor , broke and paying fines up the ass .1000$ n most likely they will take your bike/car but isn’t that “thief” some laws are here to keep us down!!

  28. What’s the matter NY, couldn’t make any money off them so you banned them.. What a bounch of idiots

  29. I think what needs to happen is for someone to buy this Audi or another high end bike, get it confiscated, and post it on the news so people see how ridiculous and one-sided our laws are.

  30. Land of the free, my ass. Ban the Nazi behaviour
    of the NYPD!!!!!!!!!!!!

  31. me says, it am a bike-cycle AND it am a moto-cycle.
    so, it do have pedals, well, it a bike!…..
    and it do have a motor, so, …Wait for it now…..
    Simply stated now…they may very well be on they way towards
    reggy-stration status. and how! (maybe insurist too)

  32. I just started a search on buying an e-bike, and came across this article when I Googled. This is outrageous! What is wrong with NYC? Always promoting progress(for votes), while hampering it at every level. ..and what a bunch of whiners. Bust the bad guys, not the rest of us. I just wanted transportation.

  33. This is some BS. I have visited Long Island and Brooklyn. I have personally witnessed regular non electric powered bicyclist run red lights, make traffic stop for them to avoid collisions, fail to yield to traffic control devices, even run into pedestrians. Whats being done about that? Nothing I have seen so far.

  34. the answer is not to ban everything in site If a person breaks the trafic law he or she gets a summons simple most politicians are most stupid people on the planet

  35. “Free country” my A&@!

  36. Yes Siree Bob, lets ban all motor traffic, stagecoaches and horses are the future. Wagons pulled by mules replace buses. Shovel the manure for methane fuel to sell to New Jersey, Honey kiss me where it smells, you mean New Jersey Baby?

  37. What a load of shi* . I am so glad I don’t live in New York . Look at those fat idiots in the picture above . No wonder they don’t like bikers . Ban drivers then as they text and kill people every year . What a load of sh** . The problem is there isn’t enough backing for Ebikers and protests need to be made .

  38. The entire state of NY? Isn’t that a little extreme? We talking about the whole state. The whole state isn’t like NYC. I think they should compromise. Maybe produce a business out of it. They can require licensing for electric bike drivers – similar to auto licenses. They give fines for horrible driving. Consider, if you will how many people have died by cars. Are you going to have it illegal for the whole state?

  39. I tell you why they dis-allow e-bikes. Same reason they want the world to obey their laws, even if your someplace else. It’s thinking they can anything they want and nobody is above them and the have no-limitation — which like a run away train. They think they know better than other cities. Also, they maybe thinking it is lazy to do it, so they dis-allowing everybody. NYC is twisted like that. Then again, it is happening more often in other places as well, where people think they are above it all — that they are the law. You see however everywhere they all it, but not here. Somethings, you don’t want to go with crowded, however with this they may do it to stand out. That’s the problem of not believing in something higher then you or having no limits for yourself. There’s a saying, that says, “Man must know his limits”. This includes all humanity – man, woman and children.

  40. HOW PATHETIC is NYS Government…. they have the WORST MTA transit and then they want to BAN other means of getting too and from a job? THESE POLITICIANS SUCK…

  41. They are only banned because citi bank is afraid it will lose money on rented citi bikes. They were installed a few years ago. If people stop renting them because e-bikes are more effective the city will lose that infrastructure. Which, used taxpayer money to create. Companies are so in bedded with politicians in NY. Citi bike is one of bloombergs legacies. Along with banning everything. Soda, smokes , trans fats, and e-bikes. Don’t let people be healthy or unhealthy.

  42. You people in New York deserve your own politics.

  43. why not ban mobility scooters?? they can be “souped up” aswell!
    fucking idiots.

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  62. Ban the politicians. Best solution.

  63. why follow china? since when do we follow? and in shenzhen they ban ebikes and scooters because it makes the city look poor you forgot to mention that. and also i nearly got hit by a bike and a bus several times here in nyc. talking about buses and also the subway which has plenty of delays, ebikes guarantee coming to work on time and not polluting as cars. squeezing in on us way to make money.

  64. What a “F’ed up” situation! I grew up on a bicycle in Los Angeles, CA..There were many times I was tempted to, ride against traffic, run red lights, and ride on the sidewalk instead of going around the block just to park and go into a store that I had missed while negotiating CAR traffic! It’s also the same reason I “J-Walk” when I’m ambulating in a city or town…It’s just to time & energy consuming to go to the next crosswalk (which can be a long, long way in San Fernando Valley)! OF COURSE…car drivers have no idea about saving energy and time, that your body has to pay for…they just step on the gas of their time machine…lots of physical effort there!?

  65. Liberals eating each other is like political porn

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