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March 16, 2012

Pictured are  two beautiful motor bikes are side by side. A $10,000+ Ducati Monster motorcycle, and a $10,000+  e-bike named the Dogati, a soon to be released high end e-bike. As you can see in the picture the Dogati e-bike was inspired by the Ducati motorcycle. The Dogati utilizes a mid drive system with a 3220 astro flight rc motor which will propel the bike to speeds of over 50mph.  The Dogati electric bike is currently in production for a limited release later this year.  Click here for an article regarding the Dogati super e-bike.

There are several  exciting e-bikes on the market  like the Dogati costing over 10k  which make very practical commuters and represent the best electric bikes ever made.  Inevitably, when you broach the subject of a $10,000 e-bike, many people will argue for that money you could buy a descent motorcycle.  A motorcycle has its advantages, but is a completely different animal than an electric bike. To weigh which is better is highly individual determined. The following lists are designed to help you determine whether you should spend your 10k on a motorcycle or an electric bike.


10 Reasons why a 10k e-bike is  better than a motorcycle
1. Not everyone has been on top of a 10k e-bike, much less owned one.
2. e-bikes are quiet
3. an e-bike costs peanuts to charge, the equivalent of 1,600 mpg in fact
4. You can park an e-bike anywhere you can park a bicycle, and can be parked inside or in parking garage bike racks without payng for parking.
5. Ebikes are good for physical fitness. Ebikers statistically get out and ride more and ride farther than regular bike riders.
6. Ebikes are lightweight and agile…a fraction of the weight of a motorcycle.
7. e-bikes do not require registration or insurance
8. e-bikes do not require turn signals, horns, or other unsightly annoyances…but are still infinitley safer than a motorcycle.
9. Ebikes can easily be mounted on the back of a car via bike rack, and therefore can easily be transported to cool recreation points.
10. You can ride an e-bike legally on bike trails and bike lanes

When writing this story I tried to craft 10 advantages of a motorcycle over an e-bike since I have riddern a motorcycle for most of my life. Amazingly in my mind, the advantages for a high in e-bike outweigh riding a motorcyle.  But I live in a city ideal for an electric bike. San Francisco and I rarely need to go over 10 miles on my missions.

10 ways a motorcycle is better than an e-bike

  1. Unlimited range
  2. Much faster than an e-bike
  3. quicker than an e-bike
  4. better suspension than an e-bike
  5. with a motorcycle you get more  for the money
  6. you can ride a passenger on the back of  a motorcyle
  7. motorcycles have the “cool” factor going for them.
  8. Motorcycles are harder to steal because they are heavier and traceable
  9. Motorcycles “fit in” traffic better
  10. with their loud noise and loud noise, motorycles are more visible to cars than e-bikes

10 reasons a 100lb e-bike can cost as much as a 400lb motorcycle

  1. Good lithium batteries with descent range are expensive
  2. small production runs are expensive
  3. lightweight bicycle components are expensive
  4. the latest technologies cost
  5. most $10,000  electric bikes are not made in china
  6. Liability insurance, e-bike manufacturers have to pay up to $500 a bike for liability insurance.
  7. e-bikes are made to be extrmeely light weight…expensive
  8. motorcycles are made in huge numbers by giant companies, e-bikes are made in small numbers mostly by small manufacturers.
  9. high tech e-bikes are just coming to fruition…when you buy an e-bike you are buying an innovation…expensive.
  10. Expensive e-bikes are made up of expensive high quality base materials compared to motorycles

10 electric bikes that cost over 10k.

  1. Optike 1100r and Optibike 850r
  2. stealth bomber
  3. Stealth Figher
  4. Dogati
  5. m55
  6. Blacktrail Bt-01
  7. ktm Egnition
  8. PI Cycle KR special edition
  9. Hanebrink Electric Bike
  10. HIgh Powe Cycles HPC FT Tornado (ebay e-bike)

Read the Creator of the Dogati bike’s response to this article 



Now let’s consider mid range options, because not many people in this economy  want to spend over 10k for either a motorcycle or an e-bike.

mini e-bike vs  mini motorcycle (scooter)

Cost of e-bike as photoed $2800

Cost of scooter as photoed  $3500

Top speed of e-bike =  30mph

Top speed of scooter = 50 mph

10 things to consider e-bike vs scooter

  1. The price of registering and insuring scooter each year
  2. ‘the e-bike can ride anywhere
  3. the e-bike can be parked anywhere
  4. the e-bike is silent
  5. the e-bike is fun..like riding a bike
  6. the scooter is faster
  7. the scooter has unlimited range
  8. the scooter is more conventional image wise
  9. the scooter can be dented and dinged where as the e-bike cant
  10. the scooter is easy to sale, so sale it today and go out tomorrow and buy an e-bike and share with us  the EV grin.

Eric has been involved in the electric bike industry since 2002 when he started a 6000 square foot brick and mortar Electric Bike store in downtown San Francisco. He is a true believer that small electric vehicles can change the way we operate and the way we think.


  1. 10 ways an e-bike is better than a motorbike:
    1. More leather and smaller bikes save the energy and the environment
    2. The e-bikes are still more heavy than usual bikes. A DH-bike’s weight is often 20 kg and an e-bike’s weight is often 21-23 kg.
    3. E-bikes are higher efficient than motorbikes (compare 30 % of a motorbike to the e-bikes’ at least 80 %)
    4. Safer than a motorbike
    5. An e-bike is more cheap to buy than a motorbike (even if you can get less for the money)
    6. You can bring cargo or a child with a weight up to 20-25 kg on the back of the e-bike
    7. Motorcycles are more attractive to the thieves than e-bikes
    8. E-bikes don’t make such a lot of noise
    9. E-bikes are environmental friendly
    10. E-bikes are very cheap to use

  2. I’m trying to decide between an ebike and an ELECTRIC scooter and found this article. Too bad you insist on only discussing electric bikes vs. GAS scooters. Rather like comparing apples and coconuts. Maybe someday you’ll write an article with a more relevant comparison, i.e. electric vs. electric vehicles.

  3. Just to counteract Catti’s comment, this is exactly the article I was searching for. I’m trying to decide whether I should get an E bike or a gas scooter when I already own a car I love but outside of school drop-offs and pick-ups I’m the only one in the car, so wondering if I should extend my transportation options and if so to which option …
    Oh there’s still so much to ponder over, but I thank you for this article, it’s been a great read.

    • To this day, the gasser kits (2-stroke chainsaw) provide the best range and hill-climbing per dollar invested. That being said…even if you add significant additions to the muffler to make it as quiet as it can possibly be, the police are still sensitive to those kits, and they will stop you, cite you, and confiscate the bike when they see you. These kits (Staton-inc) are fine in some areas, and illegal in others. The major benefit of using a more-expensive electric kit is that…they don’t “look” that powerful, and…they are fairly quiet. Also, for some reason?… the police around the country “usually” accept that as a reasonable compromise. Pedal-along (even if you don’t need to), and ride safely, while staying under the generally accepted 20-MPH moped speed limit…and most cops will ignore you.

  4. In The Netherlands, an ebike for that price which goes up to 45 km/h, is classified as a moped. So, scratch some of those advantages. You wont be able to use bicycle lanes and will probably get killed.

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