ElectricBike.com brings Its FORUM Live!

February 16, 2016

ElectricBike.com is proud to announce that we have brought our new forum live.

You can find our forum here:  http://electricbike.com/forum/  or follow the link in the electricbike.com menu bar.

As some of you may know, its hard to bring a new forum to life. Not only do we have to build it, we have to hope that people actually join and post there.

Right now we only have a few registered members…and a few key members who have agreed to moderate (Ron, Karl,  etc). We could really use your help with joining our group and adding to the discussion.

As everyone knows we at electricbike.com are big fans of the Endless Sphere forum, and in fact we link to it in many of our stories. Endless-sphere is an awesome forum for hot-rodders, advanced builders, and engineers.

The new electricbike.com forum will have more of an emphasis in getting new people onto affordable and cool electric bikes…both DIY and store bought Ebikes. I myself will be on the forum as much as possible answering your questions. If you have any questions please come over and ask. If you have a bike you built, that you can share your photo or your build story please come over and share.

Go to this section to ask any question to us about ebikes or especially Luna Cycle products, or on the forum in general.

Also I am open to any suggestions on how to make our forum better …what categories to add etc. One of our main ideas is to gather a knowledge base together on how to build specific bikes from specific kits.

We are hoping we can get some of our readers/customers to document their builds with photos and words. What parts to buy? what customiziation was needed? what battery pack they were able to fit, etc.

You can see an example of what we are trying to achieve with my Cannondale Hooligan BBS02 Build thread I just did today. 


Luna Cycles-1-5


We will be teaming with Luna Cycles to give store credit to those who contribute good  build-guides, and an example of what we would like to see is the Cannondale build thread. Please share your builds with us on the forums and make it easier for future builders to build a bike based on the same donor bike that you chose.

Also if you are working on a build thread, Luna Cycles will work with you to get you the components you need, and return any parts that did not work. Also, we can machine custom parts and spacers for a specific bike frame that needs them…especially if its a readily available bike that is popular among builders.

Please come to our forum to register and introduce yourself in our introduction section here.

I would really like to hear who you are, and what you’re feelings are on electric bikes.

We really appreciate your readership and now really need your help to help kick off our new forum. Please join our group.


Eric Hicks, February 2016

Founder of ElectricBike.com


Eric has been involved in the electric bike industry since 2002 when he started a 6000 square foot brick and mortar Electric Bike store in downtown San Francisco. He is a true believer that small electric vehicles can change the way we operate and the way we think.


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