$350 Electric Bike on Amazon

November 17, 2012

Amazon is currently selling the Ezip Trailz at a remarkable price of $350 including shipping. This is the cheapest price we have ever seen on a basic electric bike. This price is for the step-through 2013 edition, 24V / 10-Ah.

Based on our experience, we think that Amazon is liquidating their step-through frames. If this appeals to you, don’t hesitate, because it will save you $150 over the $500 mens frame.

See this bargain electric bike here on Amazon (price may fluctuate). For $20 you can opt to  get your Trailz with an upgraded controller making it 20-MPH capable (recommended; on flat ground the stock system will provide 17-MPH).

I rode the Ezip Trailz and was impressed with its reasonable power and smooth ride at this price point. To get my complete impressions of this bike (read my review on the Currie Trailz). This is the electric bike I highly recommend for anyone on a tight budget. It would make a great Christmas present or a “wife bike”.

It would also make a great emergency transportation for anyone who has had a DUI/speeding tickets, and has lost their license, and needs a way to get to work (instead of  a bus) or for anyone who can’t drive a car for some other reason. Honestly, at $350 you cannot go wrong with this bike financially if you ride it semi-regularly instead of a car. (read our article on how an ebike can save you money)


Usually, this same bike sells on Amazon for around $500, which even then  was probably the cheapest reasonable electric bike on the market. The more popular men’s version with the common diamond frame is still at the $500 price. The bikes are identical other than the frame. If you do not mind the styling on the step through bike, I  recommend the step-through because it is much easier to get on and off the bike which is a big factor on a 70-pound bike. Also the step-through is a little bit safer in case you need to step off the electric bike in a hurry.

Speaking of the men’s bike, you can see here that on Amazon, out of its 40 reviews it managed to get an average of  4 out of 5 star rating, which is extremely impressive for an electric bike at this price. The $350 step-through version does not have as many reviews (10 reviews) but it also has a 4 out of 5 star average rating.

We can only guess at why the price has been lowered to $350. Its hard to believe that Amazon is making any money on this electric bike when you factor that this price includes shipping. We have seen many retailers in the past (ie: Best Buy) blow out their electric bike inventories for dirt cheap after they opted out of the ebike selling business.

I hope this is not the case with Amazon, but I do believe  that an electric bike should be bought from a brick and mortar bicycle or ebike store, so that you can get customer support after the sale. Speaking of brick and mortar stores, in the past, Walmart offered this bike back in 2008 at their stores for $350 (read Treehugger review).

Buying an electric bike from on an online merchant such as Amazon can be an experience  filled with peril. If anything happens to be wrong with the bike its probably a smarter idea to fix it yourself instead of  going through the hassle of packing and shipping such a big and heavy item. However, the Currie Trailz is a simple bike that rarely fails and is easy to work on. Any bicycle shop should be able to fix 80% of the problems you will encounter.

Probably the biggest electrical issue you will ever face is the battery gradually dying if you don’t care for it properly. However its easy enough to buy a new battery from Currie and switch it out (or better yet upgrade to the Currie lithium battery). For those who are even semi-skilled mechanically, buying this electric bike from Amazon, especially at this price, can be a great idea.

If you are thinking about buying this electric bike, do not expect the price to stay at $350. The price has been wavering for the last few weeks and as inventory goes down its very possible that the price will go back up to $500.

So why is this bike so much cheaper than the electric bikes we review on electribike.com? We are mostly interested in the new lithium-powered bikes (read review of the Currie Izip Ultra). The Ezip trailz on the other hand uses a sealed-lead-acid battery (SLA), which is heavy and has a short life expectancy, but… is extremely inexpensive compared to lithium.  The Ezip Trailz weighs in at a hefty 72 pounds because of this SLA  battery.

It is possible to upgrade your battery to a lithium battery after the SLA battery dies. The lithium battery will offer slightly more range than the lead acid version, it will be better for climbing hills, and it will lower the weight of the bike by nearly 20 pounds. The lithium battery is pricey, in fact it’s as much as the price of this bike ($359 shipped). It is possible to install 2 of these batteries on the rear rack if you want to double your range. The biggest benefit to the more expensive lithium battery is that it will last many times longer than SLA.

Do you own a Currie Ezip Trailz? If so please share your impressions in the comment section below.


Eric has been involved in the electric bike industry since 2002 when he started a 6000 square foot brick and mortar Electric Bike store in downtown San Francisco. He is a true believer that small electric vehicles can change the way we operate and the way we think.


  1. I don’t see how to add the upgraded controller you mentioned on Amazon. Is there a secret?

    • Price and options will vary from day-to-day. The upgraded controller had a shunt with a different resistance, allowing a higher amp-flow. For someone with short uphills, the higher amps will provide a noticeable improvement in torque and acceleration. However, for someone who has a very long and steep uphill, the extra heat from the higher amps may damage the controller, so…manufacturers are very conservative in order to reduce warrantee claims (even if it is the customers fault). Temperature probes are very inexpensive, so everyone here wishes that all E-bike manufacturers would put temp probes on every controller and motor. This would allow the customer to push the equipment, so they get the best possible performance, but they can be warned before they go too far. Its possible the upgraded controllers sold out quickly, although the stock controller can be upgraded easily with just a little research.

  2. Love this site! I don’t see the $20 upgrade for faster speed on Amazon. Could you help me find it? Thanks 🙂

  3. I glad Currie has a line of electric bikes that are very affordable. It seems like all the expensive electric bikes get all the attention which is not good for electric bike growth.

  4. I wenttoAmazon but the price I see is 399 not 350

  5. I believe the $20 – 20mph upgrade refers to my posts about replacing the oem 20T motor freewheel with the ACS Southpaw 1/2 x 1/8 x 16T freewheel.
    Requires shortening motor chain by 2 teeth and the use of a 3/8″ washer, for freewheel tang clearance. Also, to preserve chain alignment, 11mm ID washers might be required to shim motors drive sprocket.

  6. Friends of mine bought a step through Trailz and almost immediately had problems with it. But they waited around, danced with customer support, and finally stored it away until a very short (6 month…?) warranty had expired. I then I took it over as a project. I discerned the controller was no good, and this was confirmed by a Currie rep after I described the symptoms it was displaying. Then the shock: $60+ for a new one. Then the aftershock: S&H: $15+, and this for an item where you could fit at least three into a $5.20 Priority Mail Small Flat Rate Box! Currie stinks around the edges in my humble opinion. Even the rep I spoke with had a very sullen quality.
    It may well be the blowout has something to do with controllers that are fragile and/or defective. “The bitterness of an item’s poor quality endures long after the sweetness of its low price has faded away”.

  7. I need a battery and charger for my ezip trailz..anyone help…


  8. Terrible bike and customer service! Without the battery the bare bike is useless!

    God my Ezip Trailz bike in good condition and worked well. I noticed it was very heavy and a few bike design flaws but I pushed it under the rug because I was satisfied with what it offered. But 3 months later I noticed my left crank arm was getting loose. I had to hammer it back and tighten it. This happened repeatedly like every other week! I called Ezip and told them about it. They just asked me to get it fixed at a bike shop or buy a replacement part! I mean common, it has been only three months so that is clearly a manufacturing defect and should be covered under warranty (I had not misused or damaged the bike, I even work on my own bike!). So now every week I have to hammer the crank to ride my bike, ugh!

    Next it didn’t have mud flaps so I went to a good local bike shop, they said they don’t have one for this “weird” design because of the controller and battery holder hindering installment of mud flaps. I called Ezip and they said they don’t have one, so yea, poor design of the basic bike.

    Fast forward a couple of years and it’s time for battery replacement. At first I didn’t think I needed one but without the battery the bike is terrible to ride! A cheap Walmart bike is better. This is very heavy, bad mud flaps, etc. so an overpriced shitty bike.

    So I had to buy a battery and I did. Now it didn’t work after installing and they said the controller is broken. Well, I wasn’t going to spend another $90 on the controller, especially when I asked them how I can be sure that the motor is working and their reply was just because they usually don’t hear about damaged motors; they even suggested I return the battery if I don’t want to. They also asked me to go to their website and find the instructions to check the working of the motor myself. Useless customer service. So decided it was not worth it and said I would want to return the battery. That costs me shipping plus $15 for returning minus their first shipping cost, so a total of about $60 for a $100 battery! WTF! I also told them about poor basic bike design and their response was because it is low end or basic design. Bull S*$%!!! A basic design means I expect lower quality electrical system, but still expect a descent bike design, but their basic bike design itself is terrible! Without the battery the bike is terrible!!! I can’t even sell this used bike as much as some used Walmart bike.

  9. I have owend mine for about four years, I like it. Don’t get much range nowadays at a fat-assrd 208#’s and the age of the battery.., what should I expect? I made s wise purchase and have enjoyed my eZip

  10. Have had my ezip trailz a few years now, use it regularly to get to my nearby work location a few times a week. Yep, it is heavy and I carry an extra battery on mine so it’s extra extra heavy, I have to be careful how I handle it especially when walking it into my apartment, if I let it lean too far over the weight can easily take over and it goes down. I’ve been lucky though with this bike, no major issues or repairs even though it has fallen over a couple of times. It has survived my dropping it once and falling over once when I didn’t have it stable on the kickstand. I’ve ridden it in the rain with no problem though that’s not recommended. A set of replacement batteries that go into one of the battery packs is about $50 on ebay and that includes shipping! You will need a good powerful soldering iron to switch out the connections to the replacement batteries in the battery pack. For my needs this ezip has been a reliable tough bike.

  11. We had bought two E Zip bikes and have been having a wonderfully experance. We found if one were to follow the instructions and maintain the bike in a clean and oiled state, every trip was great.
    Our first experance was at Lake Tahoe. And no matter how steep or long the intended trip was, it had no trouble in meeting the challenge.
    Now six years later, we are finding that one of the two batteries requires changing. As it exhibited a loss of power and range performance.
    We have ordered a replacement and antipicate many long and fun trips in the future.
    Thanks E Zip!

  12. I just got a running dual battery eZip Trailz men’s style electric bike …. the batteries have sat a bit but am conditioning them and can ride so far a mile or so… I have not tried any further yet as I am not sure of battery strength. I will be looking in to the lithium battery UPGRADE. It will also be FOR SALE as I already have an iZip E3 Peak 48 volt lithium bike that I can do 30mph on?

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