Grace E-bikes Comes to USA

August 23, 2012

German based Grace will start distributing electric bicycles in the US in the spring of 2013. (read our review on the Grace One)  Established in 2009, Grace is a premier E-bike manufacturer from Berlin, Germany. German engineering and craftsmanship bring the perfect balance of design, technology, and durability to the Grace series of E-bikes. Combining interdisciplinary thinking, superior E-bike technology and the spirit of the road, Grace’s sophisticated design is the perfect interplay of attention to detail and aesthetic sensibility.

In 2012 the Grace Easy has been awarded the prestigious Red Dot design award. Grace is also the company behind the recently released Smart E-bike, which will be distributed through Mercedes Benz in Europe. Grace is entering the US market with two models, the Grace Easy and the Grace One:


Simplicity, Performance and Perfection
Graceful simplicity and nimble form make the Grace Easy the perfect partner for everything from your daily commute to your countryside adventures. It is easy to handle, and packs plenty of power. The Grace Easy features high-end components harmoniously combined in a simple design to ensure durability, performance and beauty.
Key features

  • 350 Watt BionX state-of-the-art Canadian brushless motor: quiet, balanced, yet powerful
  • Gates Carbon belt drive: no oiling, no maintenance, no chain dropping
  • Pedelec system means pedal activate motor input. It feels like cycling with “tail wind”
  • 48 Volt, 6.6 Amp, LiMn Battery – easily removed, yet fully integrated with a range of up to 28-38 miles (depending on riding style)
  • Lightweight aluminum frame in two sizes
  • Maximum speed 20-MPH (32-kph)


Power, Innovation and Design
A level-up in E-bike engineering, the Grace One has a road feel that will call to the inner motorcyclist. The Ultra Motor offers the quickest acceleration of all Grace models and sustained speeds up to 30-MPH (48-kph) at the twist of the throttle. The Grace One boasts their most substantial frame designs, the City and the Universal. Yet it still maintains classic Grace elegance – a sleek, uninterrupted line with battery integrated into the frame .

Key Features

  • Choose from two frame models, the City and the Universal
  • Throttle operated motor assist
  • Battery ranges from 25-37 miles (motor and riding-style dependent)
  • 48 volt, 12-Amp, lithium ion battery with optional range extender up to 16.5 Amp
  • Ultra Motor in two configurations: 1,300 Watt with a maximum assist speed of 30 mph and 750 Watt with a maximum assist speed of 20 mph
  • Custom-designed, fully integrated state-of-art  dashboard

Eric has been involved in the electric bike industry since 2002 when he started a 6000 square foot brick and mortar Electric Bike store in downtown San Francisco. He is a true believer that small electric vehicles can change the way we operate and the way we think.


  1. What do you think the motor is on the Grace One? High power/speed, direct drive, 9-speed gears (which might be cassette).

    Nice design and nice components but very expensive. You have to wonder about how they ride power-off, all three models look like they’ve got some relatively inefficient items in the drive train, whether it’s Nuvinci, belt or a direct drive motor.

    Interesting that they are designing to German laws and the proposed EU laws. Pedelec (no registration, 250w/25kph), S-Pedelec (reg, reg plate, helmet, 500w/41kph) and E-Motorbike (reg, reg plate, license, insurance etc, helmet, 1300w/45kph)

  2. this is ordering my ebike to commute to college this week!!!

  3. i’ve just bought the Grace MX this afternoon, i have to wait 2 months to have it in france !!!

  4. where can you buy a grace bike from that’s close to australia??

    • Good luck with that one. Your best bet would be to have one air shipped from Germany but be prepared to spend big $.

    • I’d love to know that too! I’m looking into freight forwarding from the IS out of Germany seems imposible

      • Why don’t you fly over, purchase your bike in Germany, take it on some city tours, and fly back with it. If you are from the U.S., you could return on the QE 2 and the bike w your
        luggage comes along free.

  5. What frame sizes, dimensions?

  6. We are living in Germany and bought the S-Pedelec model about six months ago. It is terrific, extremely fast, futuristic design, and a blast to ride. I also trade-off with my regular Marin Hybrid. I also love my Bike-E, which is not an E-bike, but a recumbent.

    The manual says 350 watt but must be 500watt, since it does 41KPG with no problem. I just used it on a 1-week bike tour, traveling lightly to put it mildly, and found the range limiting. However, if you use the assist sparingly and charge every night, you should not have a problem. However, I was mostly beach camping so nowhere to re-charge. Mine came equipped with the optional Rock Shock forks but need to order the fenders (mudguards) and rear rack.

    So, all I can say is that it has been reliable thus far! I hope the battery lasts longer than the 1-2 year estimate. I am not sure how much the replacement is.

    I am also assuming the 100-240 Volt Input charger will work in the U.S. It also came with another plug, so that might do the trick. I will confirm that with a Grace dealer.

    If you are wondering why I didn’t ask These questions when I bought my bike! I purchased the bike from Media Markt, which is a large electronics store here. You will find it in many of the larger German cities. They sell it on-line but they happened to have an in-store display model, fortunately heavily discounted at $1K, that immediately caught my eye. After a test ride, I was an E-bike convert, at least for some of the riding I do.

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