10 Hedonistic Pleasures of Riding an Electric Bike

July 7, 2012

Forget saving the environment, forget one less car, forget setting a good example to your fellow citizens, family and children. Forget about a spiritual connection to nature. This list is all about how an electric bike can make your life more pleasant and comfortable. Warning, this list is for selfish thinkers who are not married with kids.   For the more wholesome (hippy and happy) types of people  please read our  10 Secret Intrinsic Benefits of Riding an Electric Bike, where we do cover getting out in nature, saving the environment, riding with your children,  etc..


#1 Free Convenient Parking

You can park an electric bike wherever you can park a real bike. In fact, solar charging stations are starting to pop up for E-bikes only, and you can get a free top off while parked. Brilliant.  If there is anything better than free parking it is free parking with free amp hours. If you live in a big congested city you know how big a blessing free parking is. When you park in a car, not only do you have to pay for parking, you also have to spend frustrating time finding a space, not to mention the pain of walking from the parking space to your destination. On an electric bike you can simply lock to a post right outside your destination.

#2 Riding in the Bike Lane

There are some magical bike lanes throughout the planet on which you would be arrested if you tried to ride  a  gas powered motorcycle, scooter, or moped. On a high powered electric bike? No problem!  On a bike lane you can enjoy the fast moving landscape on your electric bike as if you are on a magical people mover without the fear of being run over by one of those dastardly cars. Drink a cold beverage or eat a pastry and listen to Itunes on your boombox or headphones as you coast and enjoy the refreshing wind in your hair. Someone must write a song “Life is a bike lane, and I want to ride it all night long!”  Its a real pleasure to ride a motor vehicle in the bike lane legally, all the while passing less fortunate pedal bikers. Oh sorry, I meant “electric bike” not “motor vehicle”.


#3 Saving Cash

Saving cash is a hedonistic value when you consider all that you can do with all the money you save. If you are a true hedonist think drugs, alcohol,  gambling, women, and fancy food. (just kidding about the drugs) In any case we did an entire list on how an electric bike can save you money (read here).  And another list on how a cargo electric bike can save you even more money (read here). If your stash is running low you should read both articles…and if you don’t already own an electric bike you should  sell your car and go out and buy one if for no other reason just for the pure hedonistic value of having extra folding cash in your pocket.


#4 Flattening Hills

The New Wheel created this nifty poster set which beautifully illustrates the value of flattening hills.

The uphills are the worst part of riding a regular pedal bike. On an electric bike up hills are cozy and fun. Cherish the gawkers on foot and on pedal bikes as you fly past them. Taunt them if you are a real sicko. Take a sip of your cold beverage. Sing or hum as you traverse that mighty hill. You are part of an elite group of super people, who does not have to work hard or drive a car to climb a hill. Once you get to the top and admire the pleasant vista, dance a jig with all that extra personal energy and time you have saved. You deserve it; you conquered that hill not with brute force but with superior human ingenuity by choosing an electric bike over pedal power or hiking.


#5 Improving Appearance by Losing Weight and Getting Sun

Physical appearance is one of life’s hedonistic pleasures. If you look like the woman above you will be pampered  by most other humans. Your hedonistic pleasures will increase 10 fold. Electric bikes can  get you out in the sun and exercising, and help you achieve the goal of a  bronzed, firm and youthful  body you always dreamed of. Unfortunately this is an unrealistic goal for most hedonists who usually are also into gluttony and being lazy. It’s too much of a temptation for the true hedonist to have a  throttle in hand and amp hours beneath  loins. But it’s a nice hedonistic pleasure to tell yourself  that by going electric bike riding you are working your ass off and improving your physique. Nothing wrong with lying to yourself when you are a hedonist.  You are on your way to self realization. Check out our Electric Bike  Porn story for more delightful hedonistic pleasures.


#6 Being Happy

Speaking of being happy, how does being happy always end up on the middle of these lists? Here is a pic of me happy on my electric bike. I will admit it I am a hedonist, but only to you readers who made it to this far on the list.  Ok I will admit I don’t ride my electric bike to lessen my carbon footprint. Regardless, I wrote an entire top 10 list on the Secret Intrinsic Benefits of Riding an E-bike , and if you care about the more wholesome forms of being happy on your electric bike you should read it.


#7 Drinking Beer and Riding / Breaking the Law

Many electric bike riders have found the thrill in  being “law breakers”.  Either in riding illegally fast bikes, juicing up their bikes on stolen electricity (opportunity charging), or drinking alcohol while riding, many electric bikers have found that there is some weird hedonistic need in most of us to be outlaws and black sheep. Although you can get a DUI on an electric bike, in most jurisdictions, it counts the same as getting a DUI on a pedal-bicycle which is just a minor ticket…not the handcuffs, the DUI charge, and the wreck your life kind of DUI that you get doing the same thing in a car or motoycle. A DUI on a bicycle is usually a hand slap that does not cost you a lot of money and does not effect your driving record. So some electric bikers have found an electric bike to be great transport to the local bar…and some extreme individuals even drink beer while riding. After all, when you ride drunk on an electric bike you are  only endangering yourself. But if you do decide to ride drunk….please wear a helmet. Same with driving your truck drunk…remember your helmet please. (just kidding about the truck)


#8 Long Distance Pleasure Cruises Without Pain and Exhaustion

Kingfish in the above picture on the left (Richard Fechter on right) did a 1400 mile ride on his AWD electric bike, and stopped by in San Francisco for a visit and stayed at my house. He did this trip on a budget, and now has a lifetime memory that is hard to put a price on. Long distance pleasure cruises on an electric bike are completely different than doing the same voyage on a regular bike where you have to put up with the hell and strain of pedaling every day. Imagine aching sore body and swollen feet. Kingfish averaged 25-MPH on his trip, a speed where it is much harder to get bored than if he was riding a touring pedal bike and averaging 8-MPH while sweating on the uphills. That would suck unless you are some kind of masochistic  nut.  Kingfish finished his 1500 mile voyage in good spirits and good health…true hedonist that guy Kingfish…professional beer taster on the side. (not kidding)

#9 Getting Past First Base on the Cheap


Going out on dates these days can be an expensive proposition. Dates can lead to one of the best hedonist payoffs in the world, but to get to that destination usually involves spending big money. A charge on an electric bike will cost less than 25 cents, and can go a long way in giving your date the ride of her life. Think of it as riding horseback without the stinky smell or the threat of being bucked off. Also you cannot ride two people on a  horse like you can an elecric bike. Read our article on cargo bikes, for more information on riding with a passenger. If you’re single an electric bike can change your “single” status and therefore change your level of weekend hedonistic pleasure. It could also lead you down the road of marriage and to our list of more wholesome values for better or for worse depending on how lucky you are. You doubt the power of an electric bike on your single life? Talk to anyone who rides a motorcycle. Girls love motor bikes.  And by writing this I am making a huge assumption that 98% of the readers of this list are men.


#10 Taunting the Lycra Road Bike Guys

These guys are easy to make fun of, especially when you are blowing past them on a junky looking commuter electric bike wearing street clothes.

Why do electric bike guys get so much satisfaction from blowing past lycra guys? We have been called “cheater” one to many times by the lycra bike snobs who tend to treat electric bike riders with disdain.

Got to be careful though. Remember many of these  lycra guys are athletes, and can kick your ass if you taunt them too much as you whip past them and your battery dies down the road. If you have the physique of most electric bike riders, you will not stand a chance. Also those lycra guys tend to ride in groups…we call them “biker gangs.”

Be careful its a jungle out there, with lycra clad animals ready to take a bite out of you if you lag.



Final Thoughts:

If you do find yourself being a hedonist on your electric bike please have the courtesy of sharing your thoughts on the intrinsic pleasure of riding to others in your community (as I have done here).

Oh by the way, it is a hedonistic pleasure to brag to others the good you have done by riding your electric bike. You are a true hero and deserve adoration and praise.

In reality you are one less car when you are on your electric bike, and even if you are selfishly motivated, you are nonetheless  benefiting our world.

Please help us spread the word by telling people how personally satisfying riding an electric bike is. (oh and tell them about this site; link to us please)

Then you will have friends who buy electric bikes, ride electric bikes, and ride electric bikes with you, which will also benefit your pleasures of riding. It is more gratifying to ride with someone than to ride alone…..add it to the list as an honorable mentions. Riding with friends and building relationships is pleasure inducing. A bit too wholesome unless you throw in beer and lycra tormenting, but hedonistic nonetheless.

If you read this far please comment your thoughts…pleasant or nasty.

Eric has been involved in the electric bike industry since 2002 when he started a 6000 square foot brick and mortar Electric Bike store in downtown San Francisco. He is a true believer that small electric vehicles can change the way we operate and the way we think.


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