How a HIgh Power BBSHD Ebike Saved This Woman’s Life

September 19, 2016

We have all heard the misnomer “speed kills”…but that does not necessarily apply on an ebike. Sometimes, the extra speed an ebike provides can keep you moving closer to the speed of traffic, and sometimes…the extra power can get you out of harms way.

Most importantly the powered ebike can get you outside onto a bicycle  which can also be good for your health as well as for our environment.

Here is a recent story that was posted to our forums, along with pictures. For those that have not found the forum, please join us there is a good community forming there.

This is the first real-life account I have of an ebike powered by a BBSHD kit, actually saving a life told in a forum members own words:



Barb on her home-built DIY townie that saved her life 🙂


“…Well, here is a good story to tell the grand kids! My wife, Barb, who has recently returned to cycling after a 30 year hiatus, had gone down the street about a quarter mile to the neighbors. She was on her way back and suddenly from behind she heard a loud truck engine revving, sirens and gun shots! She turned around to see all of this barreling down on her at a high rate of speed. And here she is on a section of road with a sheer drop on one side and a wall on the other, no where to go. She said I thought I was dead! I hit the throttle and barely made it to the first turn off, and got off the road before I was hit!…”



This is the road she was on, with nowhere to get away.



Here is what the drop off looks like, that she would have to jump off if she was not on high powered electric bike


They got the guy. No injuries to people, just property. Apparently, the truck was left running at a gas station, (stupid), and this guy grabbed it! DON’T LEAVE YOUR CAR OR TRUCK RUNNING!

I’m posting this from my cell because power and cable are down. The chase took out a power pole.



Here is what the cop car looked like that got shot up at the beginning of the chase.


Reflecting on yesterdays events, I realized that BBSHD saved Barbs life before. She got back into cycling (after 30 years) to do something that I enjoy and am passionate about. But she just did not have the muscle or the endurance necessary to tackle the hills in our area, some at 22% grade. But the BBSHD changed all that! Now she goes flying up hills that can stop all but the hardiest of cyclists, with a smile on her face and laughing all the way! To see the joy, the exuberance, the youth of an 8 year old, in this old girl, well, it’s enough to bring a tear to my eye!

So Thanks, really, Thanks a lot!

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