Luna Cycle Releases Father’s Day Video

June 18, 2016


Luna Cycle has just released a father’s day video dedicated to ebike fathers everywhere.  


This video was filmed near Luna Cycle headquarters on the cliffs above the beach in Palos Verdes California.


It’s narrated by Josh Fischer and stars Josh and his dad Curt Fischer who had no idea at the time that  the video was planned as a father’s day surprise.


There were five riders on the ride, all of us on Bafang  BBSHD powered fat bikes with Luna Cycle batteries.


This is the same ride that the Fischer family and the Luna Cycle crew do on a regular basis and we were happy to get a chance to share with the readership one of our favorite rides.


Luna Cycle has  been releasing many videos lately including this one last month which was filmed in Malibu but had no diologue:



Luna Cycle is the sister site of and is a USA company dedicated to offering the best conversion kits and batteries at the best  prices anywhere.

Also Luna Cycle has just made a new Facebook page filled with ebike videos. Check it out here and don’t forget to subscribe!   Many new ride and technical videos are coming.

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