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November 27, 2015

Who is First read this unbiased review on luna written by the excellent reviewer Karl at   By the way Karl and I are friends now but I had no idea who he was back when he wrote that. Karl’s Site is awesome and I see as a fantastic ebike resource. If you guys are gonna leave me at least leave me for him.

luna cycle eclipse

The Luna Eclipse is a chain ring that is sure to raise the game on American made performance upgrades …that look awesome.

Speaking of straight…Ok let me get this straight because this is the first time I have announced the Luna Cycles store on  I started and ran it advertisement-free for years because I believe in DIY Ebikes. But for the last few years I  have watched the DIY  industry go totally stagnant and got sick of sitting on the sideline as only a witness. Now I have started the store with the plan of changing everything.

I cannot stand to see commercial bikes become a better deal than DIY bikes and that is what I have seen clearly happening.  It use to be that a commercial bike was a terrible value compared to a DIY bike, and lately that tide is changing. When trying to source a decent  battery pack for my own bike just last year, I could not find anything with the high amperage and amp-hours I wanted for less than $1000, even when going to reputable China pack builder (he was even a white guy).

I could buy an awesome turn key bike on ebay though for $1000 from some guy in a garage in Iowa shipping in bikes from China.

I decided it was time to step-in and provide awesome components at affordable pricing.

I  want ebikes to be life changers without costing more than a car, and I want people to have a source to pay a fair price without having to go to Ebay or China.



magic pie luna cycle

Luna managed to have the ugly magic pie motor redesigned so it looks better in solid black.


An ebike  battery pack is one thing you want to buy from a reputable seller. You want your pack to be made with quality 18650 cells that you know aren’t fake…and 18650 cells are the one thing that China has not figured out how to make.

At the time I write this, no good 18650 cell is made in China….they are really good at re-wrapping  low grade cells, and making good looking fakes.

Most ebay sellers and all alibaba sellers sell crappy Chinese packs made up of crappy Chinese cells. Last year that was the only way to get a decent pack for under, $1000 and my goal is to change that.

I happen to be a distributor of 18650 cells, and can get these cells at prices that other ebike vendors could only dream of. My intention is to pass those savings on, and sell volume.

I want everyone to have access to an affordable quality ebike, with a high performance reliable battery pack and components.


The Lunagizer offers an advanced 300 watt charger at $99

Regardless of low prices, there are some points that we at Luna Cycle want to make because there are some unfair allegations floating around…and that is why I decided to finally write my thoughts here.

  • We sell quality products at low prices.  We are happy getting by with less margin than everyone else.
  • We have China sellers pissed off at us for being too competitive and we love that. Its about time we scare the China ebike guys with some healthy competition. If i accomplish nothing less i will always mention that. I got china sellers to whine my prices were too low. Whine on.
  • We are based in Southern California and have an ebike center in foggy San Francisco. I am not afraid to go head to head with any  China company.  Where I live is prettier and it has more soul.
  • When i go out i spend a ton of money….plus i choose USA manufacturers whenever i have  a choice.  I realize made in USA dont mean as much as it once did…..but when it comes to small volume ebike stuff….. I always defer to the USA ebike part builders.
  • We can support our products because we are not in China…try getting warranty support from China. Try shipping your battery back to China.
  • Our packs are either twice as good or half the price of  every other ebike vendor’s pack… they will try to deceive you by claiming differently and their packs got this special propreiety bs, but if you research you will find the truth.
  • Our battery cells are not fake and are guaranteed authentic. In fact we buy 18650 cells in huge volume direct from the manufacturer, and few ebike pack sellers can claim this.
  • We ship our packs legally and are hazmat certified. Shipping properly is ridiculous expensive and we can still compete against Chinese sellers shipping in their packs illegally…go figure.
  • We  use a quality BMS in our packs that are  designed just for us. It has temp protection and is capable of high amps. WE don’t skimp on our BMS because it is the most important safety feature of the pack.
  • All our packs are made with only quality ingredients. And by that I mean things like name brand Japanese and Korean cells. Ingredients like that aren’t cheap.
  • We don’t sell any packs with Chinese cells and friends shouldn’t let friends buy Chinese cell packs.
  • Our Bafang drives are made by Bafang, they are not fake and are not “pre-production units”, I cant believe it but other vendors are out saying this crap.
  • We are a USA company and love USA and hope USA buyers will feel some infinity towards us.
  • We make many of our battery packs in-house and use a reputable manufacturer for our dolphins
  • We have many of our products and parts engineered and manufactured for us
  • We have a business model to sell direct to the consumer, and pass the savings to the end customer.
  • We believe in changing the world by making awesome ebike components finally affordable.

In addition to this:

Now that has some source of income we can improve our game. Until recently has not earned more than 100 dollars a year for the last 5 years.  We used to sell lights in our shop and sold very few. Our shop was barren…now our shop is getting full with some really cool stuff. I plan to reinvest the profit into improving what we do on

For the first time I have been able to start paying Ron for all his awesome articles, which in the past he wrote for free…and I am really hoping I can talk Ron to leave freezing Kansas and come join us in sunny California and help steer the electric revolution. I am really indebted to Ron and what he has done for this site. He started out just proof reading my articles which are known for mis-spellings. (I am a Berkeley English graduate believe it or not) Little by little he has become one hell of a writer and has contributed much to this site and its success.  I am very proud of what Ron and I have built here together.

Recently we have  been able to redesign the site because we at last have some funds to pay a designer. We can now pay for content if we can find a good content writer.

I have never allowed advertising on But I really believe in and think it has a worthwhile mission. And of course it is my site…but I feel I  am doing it for the right reasons, and it will benefit the ebike community and even if it is what they call a business.

I built from nothing. Many of my heroes now tell me they got into electric bikes through reading articles on this site. Now I want to build an ebike shop which I hope  will be able to make awesome stuff more accessible.

I am excited to kick off the new year and have some huge product announcements to make soon.

I am so proud to be the only vendor in the world to have in stock the amazing BBSHD 1000w.  Time will show that this is the most amazing kit to hit the market…and when other vendors can finally manage to get it in stock you will hear great things about it everywhere.

I traveled to Bafang in China this year and really pushed to get this drive brought to market and think it will have a great future in this country…more power to the people.

Thanks for reading.



Written by Eric, November 2015

Eric has been involved in the electric bike industry since 2002 when he started a 6000 square foot brick and mortar Electric Bike store in downtown San Francisco. He is a true believer that small electric vehicles can change the way we operate and the way we think.


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