Luna Cycle Comes out of Closet

November 27, 2015

Who is First read this unbiased review on luna written by the excellent reviewer Karl at   By the way Karl and I are friends now but I had no idea who he was back when he wrote that. Karl’s Site is awesome and I see as a fantastic ebike resource. If you guys are gonna leave me at least leave me for him.

luna cycle eclipse

The Luna Eclipse is a chain ring that is sure to raise the game on American made performance upgrades …that look awesome.

Speaking of straight…Ok let me get this straight because this is the first time I have announced the Luna Cycles store on  I started and ran it advertisement-free for years because I believe in DIY Ebikes. But for the last few years I  have watched the DIY  industry go totally stagnant and got sick of sitting on the sideline as only a witness. Now I have started the store with the plan of changing everything.

I cannot stand to see commercial bikes become a better deal than DIY bikes and that is what I have seen clearly happening.  It use to be that a commercial bike was a terrible value compared to a DIY bike, and lately that tide is changing. When trying to source a decent  battery pack for my own bike just last year, I could not find anything with the high amperage and amp-hours I wanted for less than $1000, even when going to reputable China pack builder (he was even a white guy).

I could buy an awesome turn key bike on ebay though for $1000 from some guy in a garage in Iowa shipping in bikes from China.

I decided it was time to step-in and provide awesome components at affordable pricing.

I  want ebikes to be life changers without costing more than a car, and I want people to have a source to pay a fair price without having to go to Ebay or China.



magic pie luna cycle

Luna managed to have the ugly magic pie motor redesigned so it looks better in solid black.


An ebike  battery pack is one thing you want to buy from a reputable seller. You want your pack to be made with quality 18650 cells that you know aren’t fake…and 18650 cells are the one thing that China has not figured out how to make.

At the time I write this, no good 18650 cell is made in China….they are really good at re-wrapping  low grade cells, and making good looking fakes.

Most ebay sellers and all alibaba sellers sell crappy Chinese packs made up of crappy Chinese cells. Last year that was the only way to get a decent pack for under, $1000 and my goal is to change that.

I happen to be a distributor of 18650 cells, and can get these cells at prices that other ebike vendors could only dream of. My intention is to pass those savings on, and sell volume.

I want everyone to have access to an affordable quality ebike, with a high performance reliable battery pack and components.


The Lunagizer offers an advanced 300 watt charger at $99

Regardless of low prices, there are some points that we at Luna Cycle want to make because there are some unfair allegations floating around…and that is why I decided to finally write my thoughts here.

  • We sell quality products at low prices.  We are happy getting by with less margin than everyone else.
  • We have China sellers pissed off at us for being too competitive and we love that. Its about time we scare the China ebike guys with some healthy competition. If i accomplish nothing less i will always mention that. I got china sellers to whine my prices were too low. Whine on.
  • We are based in Southern California and have an ebike center in foggy San Francisco. I am not afraid to go head to head with any  China company.  Where I live is prettier and it has more soul.
  • When i go out i spend a ton of money….plus i choose USA manufacturers whenever i have  a choice.  I realize made in USA dont mean as much as it once did…..but when it comes to small volume ebike stuff….. I always defer to the USA ebike part builders.
  • We can support our products because we are not in China…try getting warranty support from China. Try shipping your battery back to China.
  • Our packs are either twice as good or half the price of  every other ebike vendor’s pack… they will try to deceive you by claiming differently and their packs got this special propreiety bs, but if you research you will find the truth.
  • Our battery cells are not fake and are guaranteed authentic. In fact we buy 18650 cells in huge volume direct from the manufacturer, and few ebike pack sellers can claim this.
  • We ship our packs legally and are hazmat certified. Shipping properly is ridiculous expensive and we can still compete against Chinese sellers shipping in their packs illegally…go figure.
  • We  use a quality BMS in our packs that are  designed just for us. It has temp protection and is capable of high amps. WE don’t skimp on our BMS because it is the most important safety feature of the pack.
  • All our packs are made with only quality ingredients. And by that I mean things like name brand Japanese and Korean cells. Ingredients like that aren’t cheap.
  • We don’t sell any packs with Chinese cells and friends shouldn’t let friends buy Chinese cell packs.
  • Our Bafang drives are made by Bafang, they are not fake and are not “pre-production units”, I cant believe it but other vendors are out saying this crap.
  • We are a USA company and love USA and hope USA buyers will feel some infinity towards us.
  • We make many of our battery packs in-house and use a reputable manufacturer for our dolphins
  • We have many of our products and parts engineered and manufactured for us
  • We have a business model to sell direct to the consumer, and pass the savings to the end customer.
  • We believe in changing the world by making awesome ebike components finally affordable.

In addition to this:

Now that has some source of income we can improve our game. Until recently has not earned more than 100 dollars a year for the last 5 years.  We used to sell lights in our shop and sold very few. Our shop was barren…now our shop is getting full with some really cool stuff. I plan to reinvest the profit into improving what we do on

For the first time I have been able to start paying Ron for all his awesome articles, which in the past he wrote for free…and I am really hoping I can talk Ron to leave freezing Kansas and come join us in sunny California and help steer the electric revolution. I am really indebted to Ron and what he has done for this site. He started out just proof reading my articles which are known for mis-spellings. (I am a Berkeley English graduate believe it or not) Little by little he has become one hell of a writer and has contributed much to this site and its success.  I am very proud of what Ron and I have built here together.

Recently we have  been able to redesign the site because we at last have some funds to pay a designer. We can now pay for content if we can find a good content writer.

I have never allowed advertising on But I really believe in and think it has a worthwhile mission. And of course it is my site…but I feel I  am doing it for the right reasons, and it will benefit the ebike community and even if it is what they call a business.

I built from nothing. Many of my heroes now tell me they got into electric bikes through reading articles on this site. Now I want to build an ebike shop which I hope  will be able to make awesome stuff more accessible.

I am excited to kick off the new year and have some huge product announcements to make soon.

I am so proud to be the only vendor in the world to have in stock the amazing BBSHD 1000w.  Time will show that this is the most amazing kit to hit the market…and when other vendors can finally manage to get it in stock you will hear great things about it everywhere.

I traveled to Bafang in China this year and really pushed to get this drive brought to market and think it will have a great future in this country…more power to the people.

Thanks for reading.



Written by Eric, November 2015

Eric has been involved in the electric bike industry since 2002 when he started a 6000 square foot brick and mortar Electric Bike store in downtown San Francisco. He is a true believer that small electric vehicles can change the way we operate and the way we think.


  1. Alas, that spectacular frame of theirs isn’t on the list… 🙁

    • hit me up i am always willing to give a deal 🙂

  2. Love it LunaCycle great angle and best of luck, I think everything your going after is true!

    It really was time for someone in the US to begin distributing quality kits and genuine 81650 cells at a REASONABLE price!

    Hopefully we can team up one day in the future!

    -Ray @ McFly Motors

    • Hi Ray sure man… i am willing to team up with anyone who makes awesome stuff…and your bike does look pretty good 😉 My dream is to bring my own bike to market and i am trying to do it in the next few weeks. I wish you luck …hope we meet some day.


    • How is that going to work, when Luna already selling at a retail price, where there is no room for a margin for business buyers. You didn’t read all that above? It’s all about direct to the customer at the best price. Anyone that charges much more than the Luna’s prices are greedy, that’s what we’re being told.

      If reasonable prices means unsustainable for anyone that wants to do more than shift lots of boxes and hope for the best, or can drop big money and wait for it to arrive slow boat, then you’d better be careful what you wish for, as there’ll be no room for you my friend.

      There’ll only be room for rich dudes that can afford to make very little, until they are big enough, to make money on the quantity.

      Sorry, my bad, it’s all about an Electric Revolution. I need to just go with the flow and forget about the norms of business, these are ebikes and it’s special….

      • I’ve heard good things about Luna and am considering buying a kit from them. The basics, for a lower end kit, shipped, will be about $1000. I have called customer service, which takes awhile, and gets a customer person and someone familiar with their products but not an ebike expert by any means. The hub I’m interested in doesn’t have a brand name (e.g., “Geared Hub E-bike Kit”), as many of these don’t on the website, and was told they are “white label”, i.e., hubs purchased and sold with Luna’s name on them. I assume they are Chinese. Why else would the brand be obscured? So I have no idea how good they are since I can’t review it anywhere. I keep seeing something about warrantee, but was told on the phone there is no warrantee (“since you cold burn up the motor on the first ride?). Comments? Thank you.

  3. Love it LunaCycle great angle and best of luck, I think everything your going after is true!

    It really was time for someone in the US to begin distributing quality kits and genuine 18650 cells at a REASONABLE price!

    Hopefully we can team up one day in the future!

    -Ray McFly Motors

  4. Imported. it means not made in China,

  5. I love Lunacycles and what you’re doing for the industry, Eric. Please keep doing what you are doing! My opinion on advertising is: Go For it!

    • Thanks Craig…i really appreciate it….i get a lot of flaq from other dealers but they charge way too much imo….

  6. Why is it that any comment that is not 100% complementary, or asks reasonable questions, is being removed? I made some reasonable and polite comments, that was moderated.

    • so which dealer are you buddy?

    • i am eric and i havent logged in to diqus for months…. Ron is completely fair and i trust him. Maybe you were trying to link to your website? posts with Links are automatically censored cuz we dont have time to moderate for spam.

      • No, there were no links to anything, maybe it was too long or something.
        1 of the points was this: I don’t see anyone else publicly talking bad about you, why do you feel the need to talk all this BS about others?

      • Another point was this:
        You have a link at the top of every page in this site, to your Shop. Isn’t it kind of ridiculous to make out you are introducing your store for the first time now?

    • Also we have may competing dealers who do not like us for obvious reasons. We have to protect ourselves from anonnymous posters who its unclear what their intentions are. I will not allow anonymous people to slam our store on our website obviously.

  7. Recently bought bafang bbso2 and 52 volt bottle battery from Luna cycles. Performance is awesome installation easy looks good. I had a dead on arrival Display. Tom at Luna cycles saw to it that I got a replacement promptly. Very happy with purchase. Great price and service

  8. Good website, good parts, great info on the site too. But _terrible_ customer service. After careful consideration across suppliers I opted for Luna and they presented as offering quality at a reasonable price. I ordered a complete mid-drive kit with several upgrades – value well over 1000USD. One package received to right address, the second with the battery and charger… took me four weeks to track down as it had the completely wrong address. No help from Luna. Zip. No response. Next problem was the upgraded Energizer charger I’d ordered. Now, I’m in the EU and unbeknownst to me, Luna only supply US compatible chargers. I didn’t realize this (as so much electrical equipment is dual voltage these days) so when it arrived it was 110V only and not compatible with the 220V system. Yes I should have checked better, but “no” it wasn’t clear on the website when ordering. I asked Luna (very nicely) for some guidance on how to solve it, but after many mails and posts I’ve still had no reply. Yep I was hoping they’d say “send it back”, but even a “get a step down transformer” would have been nice. I’m pretty sure from a consumer rights perspective I had the rights to return unused goods. So, my future business dealings?… I’m afraid will be taken elsewhere unless they can improve their after sales support.

    • You are in Europe which makes sending back product difficult and expensive. It says on the product its for 110 voltage.

      Really its not worth it for us to send anything overseaas at the wholesale prices we are offering. Its not worth the risk of international shipping or dealing with an issue like this. I really recommend you find a good vendor instide the EU if you expect top notch support.

      • OK, all that I do understand but I’m really just after information and a reply to my questions. What would it have cost to reply to my emails and give me some advice? I’m a nice guy, totally reasonable, I just wanted a reply!

        • where did you send your email that they were not replied to? As far as i know we answer all emails… I apologize if we dropped the ball on your email but it was not intentional.

          • I used the form on the website….

          • Hi Matt,

            I just found you and saw that I got two emails on January 28th and responded to both of those regarding the Luna Charger. And I did suggest a step down transformer. Can you please check your emails from that date? I know one you responded to…but maybe the 2nd email you did not get somehow. But i responded to both of your emails personally within hours. Since then we have a team that handles our emails support and its much faster and more effective than when it was just me.

  9. I used to be a business owner and decided to give my customers something that has been lost due to the greed that most business owners fall prey to. In my business, I stood by my products and put my money where my mouth was. When I provided a service or product I stood behind both even if I lost profit. My business was quite successful and I was told that it was refreshing to see a business that truly appreciated its customers and realized that if we lost money today, we could count on the word of mouth increasing our success. I am saying that it’s OK to be small and struggling, but just remember that one unhappy customer can turn 10 potential customers into competitors customers. I turned unhappy customers around even when it was obvious that it wasn’t our product or service that was the problem. I recently purchased several products from Luna and so far I am pleased with the products. I haven’t had to deal with defective products as yet, but if the time comes, I only hope that they remember that my money wasn’t defective.

    • Such good points.

      We are not just about low price. We are also about offering quality …and that includes the best customer support we can possibly provide.

      I think our reputation speaks for itself. We are six months old.

  10. Just spoke to someone on the phone and had some questions about certain items. The guy seemed bored, gave me short answers with attitude.

    Customer service is questionable.

    • Sorry you had that experience, We do the best we can with the questions we get

    • I agree 100% I spent $1000 had issues with the products and they could care less.

  11. Thanks so much for a great site. I’m new to ebikes and have been trying to find info. Not only was your site helpful but I also called with a truckload of questions (yes, I was probably annoying ). Customer service guy was extremely helpful, even though I told him I’m not ready to buy yet. I appreciate that.

  12. Good luck with support. I dropped down $1000 on mp5 and 52V 13.5-Ah battery and products were not as described. first the mp5 was to be Bluetooth ready and it was not so I spent $40 on a dongle I could not use. called for support and all I got was “wow really man that sucks” had to order a $55 cable from manufacture to fix. Then there is the battery it was listed to have a power switch on it and it did not and I was told that if I use the programmable functions on the controller I void my warranty
    they have no knowledge of the products they are selling. My advice is to forgo their BS and buy straight from the manufacturer. And lastly, do not believe the reviews from their website because they filter out negative reviews….

  13. Thanks for you and Karl at the other electri-bike. Lot’s of mid drive and Bafang specific info in one place. Great informative articles with interjected humor. I am now less ignorant, but not too smart. People don’t understand what an old dude wants with a BBSHD Fatbike. They just don’t know…….

  14. Thanks for everything you do!

  15. Great words, and they made me buy from Lunacycle. Unfortunately, the customer experience hasn’t been what was promised. My order was delayed and delayed again over “certification” of a battery that was never even packaged into the order you sent. Now, I’m a month away from my trip, two weeks behind on testing, and I have all of the “other” stuff (the stuff that shouldn’t have been delayed), but can’t use any of it because YOU DIDN’T SHIP THE BATTERY. Your site led me to believe that the batteries were in stock and ready to ship, but they weren’t. Your staff led me to believe that it only took a day or two to get orders shipped and they were wrong. And then, you told me my order was on its way, as close to the weekend as possible, and when I received it, NO BATTERY! I’ve been patient with you guys since the beginning, and have given the flippant and incorrect responses the benefit of the doubt, but I’m a bit fed up here. I even asked you to refund my money and cancel the order if you were that behind, but you refused and instead left me in this position. How are you guys going to make this right? Shipping me a TESTED and WORKING battery overnight would be a good start. I’m order number 7007 if anyone is listening.

    • Has this been resolved yet?

  16. We were getting ready to order either one or two Bafang setups with 53v 13.5 AH battery setups, but reading here makes me afraid to order. I called and left a message on the recorder at your number listed on your lunacycle website a couple weeks back. Never had a call back, but sorta dismissed it. Now, I have more to wonder about. What is going on at Lunacycle?

  17. Has this been resolved yet 2?

  18. Also an old Berkeley English Grad (93), I salute you!

  19. Good Day
    I was initially intrigued about doing business with Luna after reading their mission statement about advantages of not shopping off shore, ( Quality and Customer Service).

    My emails were answered so no issue there but it seems the interest and knowledge base of the products is very suspect from my experience.
    Sales/Customer Service? has me pondering a purchase with Luna at this point.

    I explained in many emails that I want to reduce any possibility of returns and get things right the first time due return shipping costs from Canada.

    When asked if a measurement could be taken I was told something like we don,t communicate between departments???? and was sent the same vague info available online
    which lists 6 sizes but Luna insists there are only 3 sizes available in the BBSHD.

    1) What I tried to find out was the axle housing length on the sizes of BBSHD units that are available from Luna to allow me to determine my best fit.
    2) Axle length measurement to determine how much different my Q factor spacing would be from what I am used to now.

    I have seen so much misinformation on forums which is why I reached out to the dealer to get the facts on what they are selling.

  20. Some random business ideas. You may well have already considered. Not expecting reply, only hope this helps expand your business.

    1- Battery packs (with fair prices) I’ve heard you mention Elon Musk/SpaceX/Tesla. I suspect you try to get cells from Panasonic/Tesla. I agree 18650 seems best.
    – Jeff Dahn – may help you figure out how to test potential battery suppliers quality.OR testing imported cells.
    – Elon/JB might be open to becoming a supplier? They appreciate how difficult to attract/get vendors from their startup days. Fair pricing also fits Tesla business model.
    – supplying other “high performance shops” with your battery pack?
    – supplying velo makers and Organic Transit ELF and competitor PEBL – (careful, seems Organic Transit may be in bankruptcy??)
    [credit always very tricky especially considering today’s Wall St. price is everything mentality)]
    [Supply Chain working as “partners” vs just lowest bidder. example: when cost savings found split savings between supplier & OEM – down play competition – work for mutual
    gains – I hope/trust you understand]
    [avoid custom packs concentrate on standard modules for economy of scale – you know, any color as long as it is black. 52volt seems great for now]
    [Tesla might have first generation 18650 pack assembly equipment used/cheap]
    [motor controllers – no knowledge on my part, seems re-programming part of your edge/knowledge – updates? sell to others? offer training? I’m not sure if you keep as company
    secret or try to monetize?? create an “open source” project ?? have Bafang do it ??]
    {side note: there is at least one Canadian hand built boat maker offers a fixed price and no quantity discounts – he just makes a fair margin on all he makes/sells.]
    Some of these ideas you seem already to be doing with Sur Ron.

    2- European customers ?? I would consider the bike makers especially the velo trike makers – again avoid custom packs and supply high performance.
    [Rimac – Greyp bikes now a separate company, I think. and Swiss company, now German TRIKE – standardized pack, performance, quality, fair margins]
    Careful about expansion – I suspect you are already experienced in these expanding too fast problems.

    ihpva dot org – you must know

    I guess enough rambling about the battery pack business. I suspect you’ve already considered. Love that Tesla & Luna have very similar goals in electrify transportation.

    thanks and good luck,
    I hope to get a Luna bike soon, trying to decide DIY (lack of experience – can I find someone to build OR just get one of your Bikes, most likely)

  21. You went to Berkeley and live in SF. Yet, you say you love USA. Can you clarify? Do you have any plans on relocating?

  22. I’m just in my research phase of getting my first e-bike and I can assure you that it wont be a Luna. I really like the offerings but the company and owner seem terrible. The reviews of the customer service are deeply concerning as is the lack of decent warranty.This write up and the product pages on your website spend a lot of time talking about how terrible other products are and not a lot talking about the actual benefits of your product. You try hard to paint anything Chinese as untrustworthy, and that line about “he was even a white guy” is pretty gross and racist. The vibe this company gives off is very unprofessional and untrustworthy and the hints of racism make it a no go for me.

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