gearsensor assembly instructions

Version: V.13

Valid from: 21.11.2015

gearsensor certifications:

gearsensor is RoHS Compliant, based on information provided by our suppliers, this product does NOT contain the substances restricted by the RoHS legislation at levels over the maximum concentration values.

gearsensor is fully CE certified, it also includes EMC certification.


General description

This unique system developed and made in Czech Republic is based on intelligent gearsensor fixed on the shifting cable, which cuts off the motor drive when the rider activates gear shifting. This brand new technical solution eliminates user-unfriendly and noisy rear derailleur shifting which is caused by chain over straining. gearsensor in combination with the front derailleur allows smooth shifting even if the e-bike is equipped by double/triple chain wheel mid-motor. In addition gearsensor in combination with the internal gear hubs allows perfect shifting performance.

The gearsensor is divided into these different versions:

1)Version GS-D is a universal model for both derailleur's (front and rear). On this version restarting of the motor depends on the FINISH of the shifting cable movement. This is because system has to wait until the movement of the chain is finished to choose a sprocket or a chain ring.

2)Version GS-I is the model for INTERNAL GEAR HUBS. On this version restarting of the motor depends on the START of the shifting cable movement, plus defined time period. This is because system does not need to wait until the end of the movement of the chain to choose a sprocket or a chain ring.

Do not open the gearsensor housing.

gearsensor are marked on housing using laser technology. Sample shown below.

gearsensor assembling to the e-bike

First step – position choosing

gearsensor position on shifting cable is choosen by the customer, mainly with respect to the gearsensor cable length related to drive unit connector position.

For choosing the ideal position we recommend to follow these main instructions:

-place gearsensor to the straight or minimum bended part of the shifting cable

-do not place gearsensor to the place which is directly splashed by water and mud (for

example from the wheels/tires)

- when preparing the cable routing, avoid places which could cause damage of gearsensor electric cable.

Second step - outer cable cutting

Cut 50mm of the outer casing, and place cap ends on the both ends of cutted outer casing.

Third step – inner cable routing via housing

Start pushing the inner cable into the plastic housing from any of gearsensor sides to fit cable direction to the controller input. When pushing inner cable into the housing, keep inner cable as much as possible parallel with both axis of the housing.


Now that you have the shifting cable inside of the housing and you have to push harder until the shifting cable goes out of the housing on the other side of gearsensor. When pushing inner cable into the housing, keep inner cable as much as possible parallel with both axis of the housing.

In bellow picture the inner cable is correctly fixed into the housing. Then adjust shifting system properly, and connect to drive unit input.


Last step – test

How do you know that gearsensor is working properly? If the gearsensor is connected correctly, after turning on the control unit on your e-bike the gearsensor LED indicator will flash twice. Also when the shifting process is activated, then LED indicator blink once.

gearsensor connectivity to the Bafang drive units

1. Bafang MAX drive system:

All the Bafang MAX drive systems are equipped by special connector just for gearsensor. This is a KST connector. When you order gearsensor for the MAX drive system, you will receive from us gearsensor with the KST connector. It is a simple plug and play connection.


2. Bafang BBS01, BBS02 and HD systems:

Every Bafang BBS motor is equipped with two connectors for brake sensors (HIGO, yellow 3-pin). gearsensor which is compatible with BBS motors are also supplied with the same HIGO connectors. First option is to connect the gearsensor directly to one of these connectors for brakes. These two connectors are located near display unit. The other option is to order directly from Bafang BBS motors with a connector which has a separate line directly from controller. That means that the connector would be placed near controller unit. The difference between 1st and 2nd option is the position of connector. For further details please contact us by e-mail and we will help you with the specification of this order.