Miley Cyrus On Pedego Electric Bike

June 21, 2012

June, 2012

I do not have much to say about this except Miley Cyrus, a 19 year old popular actress and pop music singer was seen in Los Angeles on a Pedego electric bike, and had a flat tire and rode home anyway. Cool Girl. Who needs air pressure when you have electric power? She is using a beach cruiser model with a low down tube, a front basket filled with her goodies (beats carrying a back pack) and a high output rear hub motor.


I love it as long as it gets attention for electric bikes and helps bring them to the mainstream. I hope Pedego shows some common sense and upgrades the girl’s electric bike for free to one of their new beach fat bikes. This bike with is ugly with its obvious rear battery pack. If Miley calls us we will set her up with a fat electric sand bike for free. (see fat bike story here)







If you really want all the details you can go here:


Other celebrities that have been seen on an electric bike are actress Darryl Hannah, actor Ed Begley Jr, and even Prince Charles.

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