BMW Introduces Stunning Folder

June, 2012 With German Automobile manufacturers Audi and Smart announcing new electric bikes to the market this year, BMW has just unveiled a prototype named

Electric Bike MX Track Coming to Vegas

June, 2012 Hollywood Electrics, a renowned seller of electric bikes and electric motorcycles has made a unique and ballsy move by announcing the opening later this summer of the first all

Stealthy Electric Bikes; For the Discreet and the Cheaters

In the name of discretion, for those who do not want to stick out when you ride your E-bike, here are the motor kit set

Top 10 Pieces of E-Bike Porn

June, 2012 This is the list of the sexiest pieces of E-bike technology ever made. No, the golf caddy on the  Hanebrink (pictured above) didn’t

Lady on a bike cross-county

Seats and Saddles for Electric Bikes

Proper seat selection for an electric bike will make a huge difference in the pleasure, performance, and comfort when riding, particularly over long-distance. This primer

Hot-Rodding your Hub Motor

So you want to build an electric hot rod the fast, easy and cheap way?  Then hub motor hod rodding is for you. Inevitably, new electric

Guerrilla E-biker / Filmmaker

June, 2012 Adam’ got a unique opportunity when his family moved to a home in Brittany France that was just  500 meters from the beach.

Maker Faire 2012; DIY Electric Bikes

Maker Faire is an event put on  by Make magazine to “celebrate arts, crafts, engineering, science projects and the DIY mindset”. Being involved in the local electric bike community,

Stealth Fighter E-bike Review

When you first visit the Stealth Electric Bike web site, most people are drawn to the aggressive lines and impressive performance figures of the Stealth

Extending Your E-Bike Daytours

Over a decade or so of recreational E-biking I’ve learned a few tricks I’d like to share for extending the length of your individual rides.

Friction Drives; Ultra-light and Surprisingly Powerful

A Friction-Drive (FD) is an electric bike drive system that spins a roller that’s pressed against the bicycles tire. FDs have been around for over

Mission Statement

The mission of is to make the public aware of the quickly evolving electric bike, by providing honest reviews and ride reports on commercially

3 months old; Resigning as moderator on ES

March 22nd  2012. Today we turned 3 months old and hit 3000 unique visitors on the same day. Things are really ticking. We have 3

M55 Ebike; Lighter and Faster

5/20/2012  M55 bikes announced the newest incarnation of the M55 Terminus which became lighter, smarter and more powerful. The launch was in Monaco at Top Marques few

Bosch Cannondale E-series Review

For over fours years now I have been testing different E-bikes of various drives and designs, and  I had the opportunity to test an electric

Pinion Drive System = E-bike Porn

The Pinion E1.8  electric bike drive system will make any decent E-bike enthusiast’s mouth water.  Pinion is another German manufacturer who is making huge strides in the