Custom Build Gallery, Simons Specialized Super-Charged Racer

Its ironic that in the same month that Specialized announced the release of their first electric bike and touting it as the “fastest ebike ever”

The Joys of E-Bike Day Touring

As an aging baby boomer who’s always been passionate about cycling but who’s put on significant pounds over time, about twelve years ago I hung

30-MPH / 20-mile E-bike for $1000

Fast…long range…cheap. The E-bike equation says you can have two of those things but not all three. This article is a way that you can

Currie Ezip Trailz $500 Ebike Review and Ride Report

The most important point to make about the Curry Ezip Trailz electric bike is that it costs under $500 delivered. It’s amazing to get a

SF Bridge Ride in Hail Storm

Last night SF was hit by big thunderstorm.When the rains and winds were still light, and the sun was still out, I decided to ride

Woody Ebike Creations

April, 2012 There has been a recent trend to go green all the way by creating electric bikes in wood, a bio dynamically sustainable and organic

PiCycle Factory Tour and Ride Report

Living in San Francisco, I have heard rumors of a new futuristic-looking electric bike being built  just across the Golden Gate Bridge in the quiet

NYC Clamps Down on Electric Bikes

April, 2012 The officials in charge of New York City have had enough of e-bikes  and are clamping down and intensifying enforcement on a law

A Rohloff on an Electric Bike

A Rohloff Speed Hub is one of the sweetest pieces of bicycle technology ever invented….right up there with the electric bike and the hub motor.

Easter E-bike Sunday

I originally got into electric bikes to combat depression .   My therapy is riding my electric bike, and anytime I am feeling lonely or

Back in San Francisco

I came back to SF in the last week and am happy to be home. I brought 2 of my electric bikes back home in

Phasor Cycles Ride Review

Written by senior editor Eric, April 2012 Most e-bike manufacturers in the United States have resorted to converting existing bicycles rather than going through the

Choosing A Mountain Bike To Electrify – Part 2

This is a continuation of Choosing a Mountain Bike to Electrify – Part 1 Suspension Frame material- most e-bike gurus prefer steel frames over aluminum.

Twike Electric Bike/ Pedal Car

Twike vehicles are human electric hybrid vehicles built for 2 people and their cargo. They are a unique combination of a an electric vehicle and

EH Line Street Racer Electric Bike

The Austrian-made EH Street Racer is an interesting variant on the electric bike model. Instead of a mountain bike, they have decided on a  monocoque aluminium

Pedego Interceptor Review and Owners Report

  Editor Note: Please read our complete review on the Pedego Interceptor here. . The Pedego Interceptor is an interesting carnation of an affordable e-bike with