10 Most Influential People of the E-bike Revolution 2017

Editor Note: This list  excludes anyone who owns an ebike company and makes a living off of Ebikes. Nobody wants to pick the top 10

Unusual Ebike Pack Mounting Solutions

Most people who decide that they want to buy a kit and assemble it onto an existing bicycle frame? They have to figure out two

Custom Build Gallery, Jeff Wolf’s Dyno with Cyclone Mid Drive

Jeff Wolf has been building gasser bikes for quite a while, and his skills have produced some great examples. Now? He recently became interested in electric

Crazy Ebike Pricing Full Suspension Mountain Bike (part 2)

Editor’s note: This is a continuation of last weeks Crazy Fat Ebike story which is a must read for a background on the current state

Crazy Fat E-Bike Pricing Exposed

    How can essentially the same bike sell for $2449 and $4898? Read on. This is part 1 of a 2 part story…. Next week

Doped Bikes and how E-bikes have turned Bicycle Racers Crazy

If you have not seen this video you should drop everything and watch it. It is the most astonishing ebike news I have ever seen

Blair’s E-Cruiser, using DeWalt cordless tool battery packs

Blair is a guy who works as a mechanic at a foods processing plant, and over the years he has seen cordless tool batteries improve

Vivax Assist – Doped Electric Bike

Please read this recent story about a groundbreaking CBS 60 minutes episode where rampant use of electric motors in sanctioned bike races was exposed. To

Getting Back on the Saddle Via BBSHD Ebike (testimonial)

Editor Note: This story was submitted by  Michael De Lazzer who has documented his BBSHD conversion bike build, and…how his ebike got him back into cycling.

DaVinci Drives’ Twin-Astro Qulbix Raptor 140

Matt is well-known in custom electric bike hot-rodding circles. This is the fifth time we have written about something he has built, and that is a

Custom Build Gallery, muTant-E 2.0 from Russia

Every once in a while I’ll start thinking I have seen just about everything that can be done, and then? Someone like this comes along

Juiced Bikes “Ocean Current”, an affordable E-Cruiser

You can’t talk about Juiced Bikes without talking about Tora Harris, it’s founder. He burst onto the North American ebike scene with the ODK-II, one

Kuberg Freerider, an E-Dirtbike from the Czech Republic

Kuberg FreeRider: The most joy I’ve experienced trail-riding so far. by Patrick M. I discovered Kuberg’s FreeRider in early 2016 while researching the current state of

Polini E-P3 mid drive, dual chainrings and ISIS cranks

There is a new player in the very large European mid drive ebike market. Polini is designed and made in Italy, and the only mystery

Custom Build Gallery, Deven’s Norco Revolt

Here is a custom build that has several features I’d like to make sure the ebike world sees and understands. It is a non-hub motor that

Meet The Luna Cycle Crew

(This story was posted this morning on electric-bikeblog.com …read the entire story  here) A little over a year ago I sent my first email to