10 Reasons to Make your Electric Bike Fast

September 19, 2012

Fast electric bikes are heavy, bulky, expensive, unreliable, dangerous, and can be a public nuisance. Read more about the drawbacks here. What are the positives?

1. Fast electric bikes are thrilling

There is an expression among fast electric bike builders called “the e-bike grin”. The ebike grin comes after the first time someone rides a fast electric bike and is testament to the everlasting thrill of riding a fast electric bike. The adrenaline rush of riding an electric bike is comparable to something much  faster,  more dangerous and more expensive.

2. Fast electric bikes are challenging to ride
A fast electric bike is something in between riding a bicyle and riding a motorcycle .They are much easier to ride than a motorcycle becasue they are not as fast and do not have gears or clutches, but are much harder to ride than a bicycle because they are faster and torquier.

3. Fast electric bikes are effective hill climbers
The extra power needed to go fast also comes in handy when climbing big hills.

4. Fast electric bikes can be dialed down to be reliable and energy efficient when needed

If you ride a fast electric bike at slower speeds you should get about the same efficiency you would get on a much slower bike at full throttle. With all that extra battery you are lugging to go fast, you should be able to go real far.

5. Fast electric bikes can be great commuters
When an electric bike is fast it can be an effective commuting machine. Getting from point A to Point B on a fast electric bike can be a breeze making you more likely to utilize it.

6. Fast electric bikes can go the speed of traffic

Seems counter intuitive but many of us feel safer riding fast electric bikes than we do on slow bikes. On a fast bike you can take the lane and cruise with traffic. On a slow bike you got to ride to the side and just hope the overtaking cars see you and  aren’t texting.

7. Fast  electric bikes are fun to build
No one wants to spend hundreds of hours in their basement building an e-bike that is so that a comparable bike can be bought in electric bike store. Fast electric bikes are special and are usually hand built lovingly by their owners.

8. Fast electric bikes provide cheap air cooling.
Riding a fast electric bike will cool you down much more effectively when riding in the summer than a slow electric bike will.

9. Fast electric bikes can be entered in fun electric bike races

Recently electric bike races have been happening at carting tracks across the country. If you already have a fast e-bike this is a fast and easy way to get some cheap thrills.

10. Fast electric bikes can create a lot of positive attention for the electric bike movement

Speed makes electric bikes more exciting to more people, and can help expand the movement if the fast e-bike is ridden wisely.

Eric has been involved in the electric bike industry since 2002 when he started a 6000 square foot brick and mortar Electric Bike store in downtown San Francisco. He is a true believer that small electric vehicles can change the way we operate and the way we think.


  1. Fast ebikes are also THE best alternative to dirty, expensive, gas guzzling auto commuting. Especially in the U.S. where our citys and towns are less dense and we have to make longer commutes to work and school. If I can only go 20mph on a ebike then I’ll just pedal my bicycle around. Also good point on ‘reason #6’ – I feel safer on my 40mph ebike than I ever did on my bicycle, constantly getting passed by cars is sketchy. There are new defensive driving skills you must develop on a fast ebike, since motorist arent expecting you to be coming so fast, but without a doubt – parking my car for good and commuting everywhere, everyday on an ebike is life changing.. and its the future.

  2. Here are the ten reasons to make an electric bike fast. I think it would be better to buy a fast electric bike instead of making it. If you make your electric bike faster than it was, it’ll be illegal. I’m not fascinated of illegal things. Fast electric bikes made fast from the beginning should be legal. The Hanebrink Hustler wasn’t trimmed, was it? Every trimmed vehicle is illegal so nobody should be interested of trimming vehicles. I’ve been reading about the ten high costs of making e-bikes fast and one of them was that it’s illegal. Anyway I think there should be fast e-bikes produced as fast from the beginning and not trimmed and that fast e-bikes could replace the cars and motorbikes powered by gas, ethanol, oil, diesel, gasoline and all fuels of this kind. The Hanebrink Hustler looks like a heavy motorbike but it’s actually a leather one because its effect isn’t exceeding 11 kilowatts.

    • Are yes, i truly agree with all of what you said, but due to rich corrupt fuel companies just for one example, will do what have mysteriously has happened to all who’ve brought out electric transport .. so we’re still decades away from fuel cars coming off the street yet.
      but still get them, they’re good fun.

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