Saga of the Unicorn Banana Ebike

April 21, 2019

Editors Note:  One of Luna Cycles’ customers posted this saga about buying a Luna Banana mid drive bike   Got  it stolen…got it back again and then stolen again.   He even got security camera footage of the second stealing. If anyone sees this banana ebike  (it is  dressed like a unicorn)… please email and let us know where to find it.  Somewhere a stolen unicorn Banana bike is running out in the wild and we need to bring her home to the rightful owner. 

Credit to Jan Cilliers for this story

I purchased this Luna Ludicrous Banana ebike to take to Burning Man, and it couldn’t have been more perfect. With the extra long seat, and some added foot pegs, I could take on 2 passengers and still have plenty of power to zip around. The frame is perfect for any added modifications I needed and it was a platform for all the fun in the world. It made everyone smile and laugh that encountered it. Stolen on Nov 2nd, it has moved on to greener pastures, to frolick with other unicorns.
Freshly purchased
Adding a storage compartment. Custom Luna-modded BBSHD controller visible in the frame
Getting ready for burning man
Burning Man Ready!!
On the playa
Night mode
Making friends
More friends
More friends
Santa Monica and LAPD recovery of the bike after the first theft
Best bike ever!
Bike stolen. Rest In Peace.


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  2. A female stored the bike… What girl doesn’t want a unicorn…. That’s proof enough….

  3. I forgot to mention that’s her father stealing the bike you caught on video….

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