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10 Secret Intrinsic Benefits of an Electric Bike

This list is not being published on the front page because a lot of the contents in this story are secret. We who ride fast electric bikes have it good, and don’t necessarily want everyone to know how good we got it. We are experiencing the thrills of going downhill even when riding on the flats. Uphills are no longer painful for us, we are “coasting through”  both literally and figuratively. Riding an electric bike is nectar for the soul. Sure, riding an electric bike can save you money and is good for the environment, but it also makes you a more content, self-actualized person in ways impossible to quantify in words… Impossible until now:

#1 Mental Healthiness


I post a picture here of my friend Kim in his E-bike workshop, not because I think he is a mad man (some  would argue that he is) but because of his condition and what he does to keep himself sane. Kim lost use of his legs in a tragic accident and at the time was young and had a super active life style. Confined to a wheel chair, Kim finds solace in building and riding some fantastic electric bikes…story coming soon. Building and riding electric bikes is great therapy no matter how good or bad the situation you find yourself in, and Kim is a personification of that value and is therefore one of my heroes.


Kim’s (AussieJester’s) blue cruiser


In these modern times, depression and stress are the secret soul killers that no one talks about. Xanax and other anti-depressants are among the largest selling drugs in America. Suicide rates are higher than ever.

Electric bikes are great for mental health because they give you an alternative to sitting inside and staring at a screen. Anything that gets you outside and gets your blood pumping and your adrenaline racing is a good thing and E-biking is a good for both things. Regarding adrenaline, electric biking for me is as exciting as flying an airplane, and I am a pilot.

If you think of  yourself as mentally healthy there is nothing wrong with getting out and riding an electric bike and building on that mental health…you will need all the mental health you can get as you age.

#2 Eternal Youth



Electric bikes take the sting out of bike riding as you get old, and can even magically take the sting out of getting old.  Electric biking is like a secret fountain of youth serum. When you ride an electric bike you feel like a mixture of when you rode a bicycle as teenager, and when you rode your first car. You feel unlimited on where you can go and what you can see.  (read Benjamin’s story about electric biking and eternal youth here)

 #3 Physical Health


Optibike offers a “fitness program” including personal fitness training with a electric bike specialist coach to all their owners


Riding an electric bike is good exercise, in fact better exercise than a regular bike if you get out more on it, which most e-bikers do. Riding an electric bike is so exhilarating that  it’s easy to forget you are exercising, like playing sports. You can get yourself to go out next weekend for a soul inspiring 100 mile ride, something that most people are not in shape enough to do on a regular bike.

#4 Going places you would normally not have access to


My neighbor enjoying a beer at Kirby Cove with his electric bike


On an electric bike you can ride a motor vehicle in the bike lanes…secretly…enough said. Also there are places that you can go that would require strenuous hikes to get to otherwise. A great example of this is one of my regular riding destinations, Kirby Cove at the base of the Golden Gate bridge. This would be a half day hike to visit here but is only a 20-minute ride from my house on an E-bike. Because of the time and effort normally required to get down to Kirby cove, it is a rare beautiful place in SF that is always void of people. I have 10 other secret spots like that I will not divulge here.

#5  Joining a community




Electric bike meet ups  are some of the funnest times I have had in the last few years. In the picture above we had a race up a local hill in San Francisco called Slackers Peak. While at the top we drank beers and barbecued and talked electric bikes until the sun came down. When you ride an electric bike, you can either join an existing community or get friends and neighbors to buy electric bikes and join you on your weekend rides. Regardless, going places and riding with a friend or a group of friends on electric bikes is a gratifying social experience guaranteed to build life time memories and friendships you will look back on with great fondness.

#6 Being Happy



How did being happy end up in the middle of this list? Riding an electric bike makes me and many others happy. When I ride my electric bike I think of nothing else…none of my problems….and I become completely immersed in the experience of the quickly changing scenery and experiencing in fast motion the beautiful city in which I live and love. Pictured is me and the bike I have put thousands of happy miles on, on the same landmark which is the #1 suicide hotspot on earth. 60 people a year die on the walkway behind me, a secret my city is trying to bury. Once while riding my E-bike I saw someone jump, and I made it to the rail just fast enough to see him hit the water. Dramatic memory. I am thankful for being happy, and not sure if I would be in this blissful state without my E-bikes.


#7 Juicing the Gearhead in us all

My friend Nick changing tire on hub motor bike with his daughter in back ground


No one knows why but nearly all men have a gear head in them waiting to be nurtured. Working cars is greasy, messy, knuckle busting, ugly and it sucks. If you don’t believe wrenching on a 2-wheel creation is soul gratifying, read the book “The Zen of Motorcycle Maintenance”  It’s a weird  need in all men to modify and repair there own rides and makes them enjoy riding them more.  In fact most E-biking men I know are much more into building than they are riding, a trend this website is attempting to change.

#8 Building Life long memories for your children (or the children of others)



Daddy wrenching and riding on his electric bike is something your child will probably never forget. Speeding from the driveway and out onto the street, yahooing at the neighbors. Remember to put extra gusto into it if your children are watching. Build a ramp in front of the house and do some dramatic jumps even if you are not good at it.  Your kids will never forget you for it. If you load bike seats on your bike, or buy a cargo bike and take your children with you…the memories you will build for your children will be guaranteed to be forever and priceless. If you’re lucky, your kids will choose a bicycle over a car someday thanks to your dramatic influences…thus saving you a ton of cash in a way you never expected.

#9 Benefiting the world we live in as role models



Riding an electric bike is good for the environment in ways you would never guess. More than any thing we are setting examples on how cool and fun electric bikes can be. Right now we are oddities, but the more we ride our electric bikes, the more chance they will have of becoming an accepted part of society that will eventually take a multitude of cars off the road. When you ride an electric bike you really feel you are at the forefront of a revolution, in which even you can play a role by flashing that cool electric bike of yours.

#10 Getting us closer to God


Liveforphysics on his “Death Bike”

Ok now we are really getting carried away…but here me out because someone should start an E-bike Church. Every one should ride an E-bike on Sunday because it gets you immersed in the outdoors in God’s elements on an omnipotent bike that makes you feel “God blessed” with the body you always wanted. Depending on the bike (like the “Death Bike” above) an electric bike can make you feel super human…as if you have been REALLY God blessed.

Also riding an electric bike, like riding any 2-wheel creation, can be downright dangerous. And who knows, an E-bike might end up being your direct ticket to God…especially if you’re the type who likes to ride helmetless with the wind in your hair. And flirting with death has an intrinsic value of its own that deserves an honorable mention.

Liveforphysics has been known to offer free test rides on his “Deathbike” to all comers if you prefer a dance with the devil:








Eric has been involved in the electric bike industry since 2002 when he started a 6000 square foot brick and mortar Electric Bike store in downtown San Francisco. He is a true believer that small electric vehicles can change the way we operate and the way we think.


  1. I wholeheartedly agree + reading this page brought a smile to my lips, bonus!
    2 wheels is akin to godliness for my my tribe, I guess.

  2. All good except, as good a rider as any individual can claim to be, there is hundreds of crazy drivers out there. Thus I truly believe children should never be allowed to ride as a passenger on any ebike or scooter. I am not hating on people who choose this as their mode of transportation as i am among them, however I do feel strongly that these vehicle offer little or NO safety or protection for passengers.

    • live a little. Even kids will have more fun if they take more chances.

  3. All ok except #10, unless it is a joke.

    • yeah it was a joke 😉

      • Can’t believe it was a joke…We rode our bikes 7 miles to church and were very receptive of the message and appreciative of all GODS’ beauty as we rode by the river. Get a life, get an e-bike and get GOD in you life and we all might be much better off.

  4. Outstanding website and article(s)! Thanks for sharing your passion.

  5. I’ve been riding a 2010 UltraMotor A2B Metro for about 3 years and I am sold on EBikes. I commute to work daily, run errands and joy ride. Probably put a couple of thousand miles on my bike. I think if more people had a chance to ride an EBike they would buy them. I’m very pleased with my A2B, a comfortable and dependable machine. UltraMotor has been very good with warranty work. I went through 2 motors, on my third, no problems now. UltraMotor replaced the motors with no questions. The Metro is ideal for hot rodding, full suspension and a stout aluminum frame that can handle more power. Great web site, I’ve been looking for you guys. Happy Trail.

  6. I would have to read this article right after reading one about ebikes being illegal in the entire state of New York, and the City in particularly cracking down and confiscating them. This I’m sure is entirely because of the imbecilic delivery drivers who use no common sense or good judgement when riding these bikes at breakneck speed, the wrong way on one-way streets and bike lanes, or on sidewalks. As a near-senior myself, I’m really interested in having an ebike, for all the reasons you’ve given above. But I understand why some my age feel the need to be protected from them. If only people wouldn’t abuse them – and each other – so. But that’s human nature I guess. Sad. I hope they can straighten out some of the legislative and legal issues so we can have a sensible approach to using them. I’m ready to have some fun!

    • That seems quite odd. Federal law has addressed this matter.

      16 CFR 1512.2 a 2

      And took jurisdiction away from the States.

      15 USC 47 2085 d

      Basically, if the motor can’t exceed 20 mph carrying a 170# rider, it’s a bicycle.. Maybe someone should write the Governor.

      • Trouble is, they didn’t take jurisdiction away from the states. They simply set the minimum standard for importation.

      • The federal law you cited (which others also frequently cite) only pertains to classifying e-bikes as a “consumer product” for the purposes of safety requirements for manufacturing and sale of such products. Federal law says nothing about whether e-bikes may be ridden on public ways. As such, states and local jurisdictions remain well within their rights to otherwise define what e-bikes are and restrict their use in whatever ways they want. Sucks, but it’s the truth.

  7. Duh! over 40mph get a motorcycle. Yea at 67 I might be old, my MR2 does 130 no problem! It is no golf cart. I don,t mix nitro no more. Good luck y’all.

  8. I love this article and will be linking it; thanks!

  9. 11 great dog runners

    12 Stress: no; bureaucracy: insurance taxes, licence, ~wearfree … – completely below the horizon wheels

    13 once sorted and used gently, pretty much use and forget

    14 neednt feel obliged to use it. If unused 6 months, no biggie. A car unused is eating money and space.

  10. What is up with #10? Can’t make out if it’s funny or stupid. Help me out here.

  11. I always feel funny responding to a years-old thread, but the honesty put into this narrative is inspiring! I have been e-biking for a year now, and my A2B batteries are hashed. No get-up-and-go. anymore. MAYBE 8 miles per charge @ 14MPH. Blah. So I got this e-mail this morning about 52V batteries, and thank you for that! I am going to have to get with you guys for tech-support, however…..

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