Stealth Bomber Electric Bike Review

Few electric bike manufacturers have decided to ignore the federal definition of E-bike and make a bike that is fast. The Stealth Bomber is a 50-MPH 120-pound monster capable of going up to 40 miles on single charge (flat ground and moderate riding). It has ample acceleration and performance for most users…meaning this bike will scare the hell out of you.  The Stealth Bomber and Fighter are at the forefront of electric bike technology, building a bike that is well respected in the e-bike community for quality construction and great performance.  They are top of our list of purpose built e-bikes, meaning they are rare examples of bikes built from the ground up to be an electric bike.  If you want a reliable and super fast electric bike, turn key and ready to ride and you have the dough to spend,  the Stealth Bomber is among your best options.  Also Take a look at the lighter less expensive Stealth Fighter see our review here.

Read how one person modified his bomber to be even faster.

The Stealth Bomber is #5 on our list of 10 most expensive electric bikes.

Watch an epic video recently released by Stealth

This summer I was super excited when I got the phone call that a colleague had gotten his hands on the latest model for a test ride.

My eyes set sight on a black Stealth Bomber on a blistery San Francisco morning when Nich Rothman from Green Gears showed up with the latest generation of Stealth Bombers direct from Electric Motorsports for us to take a test ride. He had to pack it in the back of a truck, this bike is too heavy for his regular bike rack which has toted electric bikes around with before. It took both of us to lift the Stealth out of the bed of the truck and it was a hassle. My first impression of the Stealth was therefore heavy and unwieldy. This is not a bike for you if you have to park it up a flight of stairs for example. Nick saw my worried expression after putting the Bomber on the ground. My first thought was get a hernia scary and we hadn’t even turned it on yet.  The Stealth feels weight wise like a small motorcycle…and at a 120 lbs it practically is.  Although I have nothing against motorcycles per say…I am an E-bike enthusiast and prefer my bikes to be light as bicycles if at all possible. The Stealth Bomber seems to have pedals just for legality…

Once on the ground, the Stealth at least appears visually like a bicycle. Its lines are smooth…there is no sign of unsightly wiring. It does not look at first glance like an electric bike.  The motor is hidden in the rear hub…so if you were looking for a motor it would be hard to find unless you were familiar with the idea of a hub motor.  It really does look like a bicycle. Thus the  “Stealth” Name.  Also, this bike is definitely stealth quiet.

The Stealth Bomber is not an electric bike conversion as many commercially available electric  bikes are, this bike was designed to be an electric bike, and a monster electric bike at that. This bike is ballsy. …and hats off to Stealth for unleashing this thing on the public.  As you look at it you realize…wow I could get into serious trouble with this thing. I heard the US military is thinking about buying some of these things to do scouting runs on. When I look at it I envision robbing banks or being a modern day Jesse James running down subway trains.


The frame is a custom full suspension frame designed to work with the SunTour Vboxx pedal transmission system. The Vboxx is a gearbox that takes the place of traditional bicycle bottom bracket and is a 9 speed pedal transmission that eliminates the needs for clunky derailleurs and still allows for high enough gearing that you can pedal the Bomber at top speed and low enough gearing so that when the battery dies you have a chance of pedaling the monster heavy Stealth Bomber home. The Vboxx was designed for the high end mountain bike community but because of its heavy weight (9 pounds) and expensive retail price ($900) it fell flat as a product. Stealth saw the virtue in using it in the Bomber since the weight and cost don’t seem to add much when you consider the excesses of the Bomber as it is.  The V-boxx allows the bomber to look cleaner than a regular bike without the derailleurs and shifter cables. The drawback of it is is that it can break, and good luck finding a bike store anywhere on your continent to fix it if it needs maintenance.


The frame rides on a custom made swingarm and suspension system. The rear swing arm gives this bike motorcycle like travel in the rear…a whopping 9 inches of travel.  The front suspension on our bike was the RST- R1. This is a budget no name suspension fork (you can find them on the internet for around $300) which is a double crown fork which gives you 7 inches of travel. You could jump off a building with the Bomber and probably not hurt yourself.  It uses  bicycle standard mid range bicycle shocks in the front and the back. For a whopping $1200, the front suspension can be upgraded to a White Brothers Grove 200. Looking and playing with the RST-R1 on our tester bike, I found the suspension to look good and to perform well giving an adequate ride and plush feel.  I can’t imagine the upgraded fork making a huge difference unless you’re the type of rider who is  actually going to attempt 10 foot drops.

The Stealth Bomber utilizes mass produced mountain bike components at every juncture. It uses many mid range components like the RST- R1 suspension fork…for example hydraulic 6 pot disk brakes on front and rear, bicycle wheels and tires, handlebars and seat..etc.  It looks like whoever designed the stealth chose decent budget bicycle components…which makes sense because of the weight of this bike I wouldn’t want to waste too much money paying for top shelf bike component if the benefit is just to save a little weight. For example maybe the biggest drawback to the RST-R1 fork is its known for being heavy compared to comparable top end double crown forks. Well what difference would 2 pounds make on a 120 pound bike?

The Bomber is powered by the 25 pound 5304  crystallite motor built into the rear wheel. (Read our review on the smaller crystalyte here). The Bomber uses extra wide drop outs to fit this extra beefy hub motor.  This motor is known to be a heavy and reliable power horse on the Endless-Sphere  forums for a number of years.  It is silent and waterproof.

The Bomber utitilizes 72 volts 20ah of lifepo4 batteries. Stealth claims that the battery will last up to 1000 charges.  The lifepo4 battery is known to have a fairly safe chemistry, and Stealth shrouds it in a metal case, meaning that the Stealth Bomber has very little chance of burning your garage down if the charge cycle malfunctions.  The bike charges in 2 hours from standard household current.  For further monitoring the stealth features a Cycle Analyst, a reliable battery monitoring system made by  electric bike manufacturer e-bike ca. The Bomber has the Cycle Analyst built into the frame rather than the standard mounting of the unit on the handlebars…a nice touch.

Powering up the Stealth bike and jumping on it I was immediately transfixed by its power and smoothness.  The throttle control is very linear and smooth…nothing scary about the way it comes on. Usually for a 50mph electric bike you feel this front wheel lifting  power that can be  kind of  disconcerting if the throttle is too twitchy. Stealth power comes on nice, smooth and manageable. It feels like you would have to work to wheelie this bike.  Once you’re  on top of the bomber  its heavy weight becomes a non- issue and your just entranced by its power. The package comes together well once your riding, and powering it up the hill behind my house..a standard steep San Francisco hill and  the Stealth jetted up it effortlessly. I was a little surprised since I knew the Bomber utilizes no type of gearing inside the motor. This is a one speed gear system, however the Bomber manages to have plenty of torque and hill climbing plus ample top speed.  There is another advantage of  the Bomber’s direct drive hub system – less moving parts means less to go wrong. Also the motor is virtually water proof…so even in rainy wet riding it should hold up fine.

Behind my house and up the giant hill and through the SF veterans hospital parking lot sits a golf course and is my acid test on how “stealthy” an electric bike is. Its simple. If you electric bike is too big and bulky or doesn’t have pedals, if you ride through the golf course someone will either yell at you or call the police. It is considered really uncool to ride a motorcycle through a golf course even if it is electric. Plopping off a slight grass berm and onto the golf cart paved path, I remembered how motorcycle-like the Bomber  seemed lifting it out of the truck, but I reassured myself as I pedaled my ass off, at least giving the illusion of pedal power. Even though there were many golfers out not one of them gave me a second look . I just looked like a regular mountain biker cutting through the golf course.

There is a stretch of highway leading to the Golden Gate Bridge.  This is where top speed on an electric bike becomes a safety plus, because you can go the speed of traffic which is generally about 40mph on semi hilly terrain.  The Stealth tackled this road effortlessly. 40 mph was no problem for this bike even on an uphill gradient. The bike was silent..mostly tire noise at speed. I timed 0-40mph in about 12 seconds.  The suspension takes road bumps with ease. It feels like an electric motorcycle in these conditions. One thing the gearing is not high enough to provide pedal assist at 4omph, but at these speeds and with the weight of the stealth it would make little difference.  The bike corners surprisingly well at high speeds. If feels safe, secure and well balanced.  The Bomber was obviously designed with the prospect  of high speed riding in mind.

Going across the Golden Gate bridge on the bike lane, the Stealth Bomber is tamed and stealthy at low speed.  Its illegal to use electric power on the GG bridge but I wasn’t about to pedal for 3 miles my weight plus the bombers weight.  I just used moderate power and was not stopped by the bridge patrol…another acid test for the Stealthiness of the bomber.

One thing I would like to comment on is the pedal gears. The Stealth Bomber is a 9 speed, where as the lighter Stealth Fighter  is only 2 speed (read our Fighter review here) . I found on my ride with the Bomber that the top gear is used 95 percent of the time during regular riding on the street. In fact the only time I can imagine using the full gear range of the 9 speed is if I run out of juice, or riding on ultra-steep off road hills. Because the Bombers battery is so large, and the Cycle Analyst is so accurate at monitoring the battery discharge rate, it would be hard to accidentally run this electric bike out of charge. And if I did run out of charge, I would be likely to have a friend with a truck to come get me rather than pedal this heavy beast home.

Once across the bridge and into Marin County, the birthplace of the mountain bike,I was able to test the Bomber in its defined domain.  Off road the Bomber is tight and at the same time powerful. I would put in somewhere in between riding a mountain bike and a off-road motorcycle in terms of power and exhilaration. The Bomber is rattling or jankiness.  A lot funner than both a motorcycle or a mountain bike because of the trails you are able to conquer with no fear of the forest ranger.

The 7 inches of travel feels nice and cushy when riding off road. On fire roads and single track the Stealth feels pretty surprisingly good. The bike has tons of ground clearance to get over rocks and debris.

One big qualm is that the Bomber has 25 pounds of unsprung weight in the rear wheel because of that gigantic hub motor. Any off road motorcyclist will tell you this is bad for handling, and really does effect the feel and the balance of the bike.  Also because of its nature of being an electric motor, hub motors like to run fast. If you are stuck on a steep trail, it can be hard to get moving up again with a hub motor simply because it lacks low gearing.  In essence the Bomber is a single speed powered vehicle. Even though it does have a 9 speed transmission, that is for your legs, which have little input in such a fast and heavy machine.

Another issue you will need to face at some point or another is how to  service this electric bike, either yourself or find someone nearby who can, since shipping the bike back to its Australian factory would be ridiculously expensive. The good news is that all the parts on the Stealth Bomber can easily be accessed, and are parts that are readily available. So the Stealth should be cinch to repair for anyone familiar with electric bikes. Also most repairs that do not involve the electronics, can most likely be done at any bicycle shop (except for the Vboxx transmission).

In terms of warranty repair, from what I have heard the company offers great support. If you bought your Bomber from a nearby dealer you should have no problems in terms of getting your bike worked on when you need it.  It is well worth if you have local dealer to buy that way even if it is a little extra cash.  If you bought your bike over the internet, and you call Stealth for help, more than likely you will be  assisting them troubleshooting with a Stealth technician on the phone, and once the problem is identified they will send you the faulty part for you to replace yourself.

Once you own this bike you will eventually need to learn the basics of what this bike is comprised of electronically (a controller, hub motor, and battery) because through years of ownership undoubtedly you will have to repair or replace some of  these components. If you do make this purchase I would highly recommend you join the owners thread on Endless Sphere and introduce yourself. Also spending a  long night reading that entire thread  wouldn’t be a bad idea if your seriously considering purchasing a Stealth Bomber.

As of this writing the Stealth Bomber cost 10k-14k plus shipping depending on what options you select.

I really do not mind the high price of this bike given all that you are getting. You are not buying an over priced one hour  conversion mountain bike like Hi-Power Cycles  sale, but  a very high quality E-bike built from the ground up to be an E-bike. The Stealth Bomber is definitely among the  highest quality, fastest ebikes offered as a turn key ready to ride machine.  I like that the company seems to be straight up, and offers decent customer support and doesn’t exaggerate or over hype their performance numbers .  What I see a lot of on the Stealth website is tons of quality pictures and videos. They let the product speak for itself.  The Stealth Bomber has definitely earned a respected spot in the electric bike community, and the company has a good reputation.  Basically with most ebikes, the DIY types clamor they could build a bike thats better for cheaper. The Stealth is so custom built that there are very few home made bikes that can rival it in terms of build quality and performance. I would say the Stealth Bomber and the Stealth Fighter are among the two most respected commercially available turn key bikes by  the DIY community. A few extreme DIYers have even resorted to Hot-rodding the Bomber and Fighter for the ultimate in performance.

In conclusion  I would say  the Stealth Bomber is fast, agile, quiet, long range, and cool looking. What’s not to like?

This bike has 2 major drawbacks. One is the price.  $10,0000 for just the basic configuration. Second is the weight. 116 pounds is considered super heavy even by electric bicycle standards, and a lot of that weight is in the unsprung back wheel.

If you can swallow those 2 expensive and heavy pills…the stealth bomber just may be for you.


Top Speed: 45-MPH (tested)

range 30-miles (estimated normal riding)

weight- 116 lbs

Battery: 72V / 10-aH LiFePO4 (claimed to be good for 1000 charges)


$10,000-$14000 depending on options.

Stealth Bomber


Eric has been involved in the electric bike industry since 2002 when he started a 6000 square foot brick and mortar Electric Bike store in downtown San Francisco. He is a true believer that small electric vehicles can change the way we operate and the way we think.


  1. Thanks for the update; btw, I think the rear suspension closeup is of the Fighter.

  2. That is one scary machine! I would love to try one out someday!

  3. Amazing bike but just far too expensive!

  4. is too expensive to be a bike

    • The electric motorbikes are even more expensive so cheap electric motorbikes is hardly anything you could expect to buy yourself. My electric bike costed only 5000 Swedish crowns, many other electric bikes with the same effect and top speed (250 watts, 25 km/h) cost over 10000 Swedish crowns. The faster electric motorbikes are more expensive, but the Zero Motorcycles cost even more than the Stealth Bomber. They cost $13000-16000! So the Stealth Bomber is cheaper than Zero Motorcycles. If people stopped buying the gasoline powered vehicles and started buying electric vehicles, the electric vehicles would get produced in more examples and they would get cheaper.

      • ” If people stopped buying the gasoline powered vehicles and started buying electric vehicles, the electric vehicles would get produced in more examples and they would get cheaper”
        Nonsense, people will always make as much money as possible out of ebikes where they can. It’s just easy money for eco-ethics.

        • What would you say about my dad’s car and about how cheap it was to buy? His car costed only 20000 crowns, this is very cheap compared to the Stealth bomber. When Ford Motor Company invented the gasoline powered vehicles they were expensive in the beginning. How did they become cheaper and cheaper? The older vehicle the cheaper it is, just like my dad’s car from 1995, in the beginning it costed a few hundred thousands of crowns and it became cheaper every year it wasn’t bought till 2009 when my dad bought the car for 20000 crowns. The car was bought directly from the car shop and not used by anyone.

  5. They are really amazing i got my own yesterday 🙂 incredible machine, it is a good thing to buy… Buy it !!!! 🙂

  6. What size wheels dose the bomber come with?? 26″? my Bomber will be here in a few days!! anybody have any suggestions for on-road tires.. some really sticky ones?

    didn’t think of asking when i bout it…
    For you people that say it to expensive.. step up your game! It only $11k+ haha 🙂

    • yeah it has 26 inch tires. Take a look at some really wide road tires….like 3 inches….or just get those schwalbe crazy bobs.

    • Yeah, $11000 is less than what some cars cost. My dad bought himself a car for only 20000 Swedish crowns but the new gasoline powered cars are costing a few hundred thousands of crowns, the Hanebrink Hustler which is capable to reach a speed of 130 kilometres per hour shall cost even $20000 but I think you could get more for the money if you buy a motorbike like the Hanebrink Hustler than if you would buy a gasoline powered car even when it’s very cheap because the Hanebrink Hustler will be much more energy efficient than any gasoline powered vehicle. Anyway I would never buy a gasoline powered vehicle because the gasoline is immoderately expensive and those vehicles use up much more energy than I ever realized. Every litre of gasoline contains 8,72 kWh energy and electric cars use up only 10-15 kWh/100 km while those gasoline powered cars use up more than 33 kWh/100 kilometres. 5 litres of gasoline per 100 kilometres is as much energy as 43,6 kWh per 100 kilometres.

      • I can see you like math grass hopper.
        You seem to have forgotten about the heavy energy/pollution losses in creating the electricity to power the bike.
        Not to mention the hefty line losses in power transmission to your house, then to charge the bike. The bomber is a neat toy and great to have a semi silent power house to ride.
        Sadly petrol is and will be the cheapest most viable energy source for a very long time to come yet.
        Keep on creating, my fellow dreamers:)
        Energy storage ie batteries is where you should sink your time.
        All the best Mike.

  7. Is the bomber worth the $2000 and 40 lbs over the fighter? I get the bomber will hit 45-50 mph, which is awesome. How often do you get to those speeds? Do you think the fighter’s 32mph is enough for off road and work commuting?

    • If you want that extra speed and range the bomber is worth it. But can you deal with all that weight? Yeah it can do 45-50 easily on flat ground…no exaggeration.

    • Yes, Yes, and Yes. I got a Bomber a about a year ago. For USA they limit the bike to 750w which is the limit for road use. off road use there is no limit so after you remove the wire you get 4500w. If you own a dirt bike, mountain bike, street bike you will be paying about the same. This thing can go everywhere and is completely silent. So for somebody that lives in the city I can go ride through the local hills like a normal mountain biker. If I had a dirt bike it would be to loud and I would get a ticket. With this thing nothing it’s completely stealth. For me instead of buying a dirt bike, and mountain bike I spent a little more and go the best of both worlds. By far the best thing I have ever spent my money on. check out youtube under “stealth electric bike”and you will see some videos. I have never seen a guy who tested my bike not come back with a huge smile on his face.

  8. Good test, shame about the proof-reading! (your for you’re; descent for decent; gold for golf!). Also, the elephant in the room: what happens when you get stopped by the police and busted for riding what is, in truth, an electric motorcycle with no licence, plates, insurance, helmet, etc etc? In the UK, they’d throw the book at you for such an outrageous abuse of the law. Worst possible scenario: you get busted because you hit and hurt a pedestrian or cyclist on some trail you’ve got no right to be on! I hope Stealth themselves have good liability insurance…..

    • fcuking spellcheckers content is whats important not spellong wnaker

    • He was distorting the king’s English. The colonies are getting restless again with spell checkation without representation. No need for another Boston Tea Party though.

  9. One one hand, as an engineering feat I am fascinated by the concept of a battery powered bicycle that can go 40+ mph. On the other hand, I am apprehensive that such a bike is actually being sold in the USA (and stealth marketed through your web site, which seems to take an inordinate interest in reviewing these killer cycles. As you’ve suggested many a time, the manufacturer is acutely aware the US & North American laws prohibit unregistered bicycles to travel in excess of 1/2 the Stealth Bomber’s top speed. Then when I see the latest Stealth video shot by a “test rider” in the dense traffic in a Colombia city, narrowly dodging pedestrians, speeding between lines of parked cars, routinely passing on the right, cutting off other vehicles at merge intersections, drag racing at stop lights, traveling at twice the legal speed in a zone marked “PELIGRO– 30 KPH” I am truly horrified. Not because divine justice might be served and this kamikaze rider might kill himself outright, but because by his reckless driving antics he could easily cause an accident and hurt others. And I am concerned that if these death-challenging bikes were to be routinely ridden on my peaceful bikepath in the state of Vermont, then all e-bike riders might be tarred with the same brush and might well be banned. The streets and highways are already dangerous enough with aggressive drivers in 300hp cars with top speeds of 140mph. In the urban and suburban streets we don’t need to add to the mix wannabe be motocross racers on death-dealing bicycles. When the blood wagon comes and carts one of these idiots off to the hospital and who ultimately is going to pick up the tab for his long term health care for which he, no doubt, is not properly insured?

    • Its not ebikes that kill people…its ebike riders that kill people 🙂 But I havent heard of single death by ebike in this country yet.

      • 2 years later…Nor mine.

    • Hey you kids……Get off my lawn.

    • I was with you until you said that the roads are dangerous because of people in 300hp cars. An economy car with 100hp is a far greater danger on the road: it is a cheap car with cheap brakes, it won’t accelerate fast enough to enter the freeways safely, it has pathetic suspension that would may all by the skilled driver lose control of the vehicle trying to keep up with the regular cars. And as far as aggression goes, it doesn’t matter what vehicle you drive. Usually the aggressive 300hp car drivers are aggressive ONCE, then they learn their lesson and buy a new car. My car has 400+hp, it’s 20 years old so it doesn’t have all of those computer systems that rescue you from driving like an idiot. It is by far the safest car if you drive it RESPONSIBLY. If you need a muzzle, a government body to oversee your irresponsibility then just take the bus.

    • Stay in front of the TV, you will be much safer…

    • Hey Mr Nanny…It’s not the Blood-wagon that comes and scrapes you off the sidewalk, Duh. A Blood-wagon. that’s the mobile blood bank…Count D’s RV. If you’re referring to an ambulance, the correct term is Meat-wagon…

  10. Ok, I’m going to close this site and never go back. I have e-bike with 750W, 45km/h motor and watching all this I think is more than enough. No need to break sound barrier nor your neck 🙂


  12. Just waiting for the right time, I’m gonna have one of these scary machines…Stealth Bomber…

  13. Good sites, proved useful info. Thanks

  14. Oh get over the spelling and grammar will you! This guy took the time to write (rite, right, erite, wright) a review about this e bike. You just bitched him out over your own anal outlook of what you consider proper English. Then on top of that you want to be parochial about UK laws that relate to licensing and fuckin insurance! Mate when you take the time to ask useful questions, add some interesting commentary or pose additional points of view, then I think you have a valuable contribution to make. Until then please apply the old adage “if you don’t have anything good to say then don’t say anything at all”.

    • Cripes. He was just trying to point out an editorial gaffe, or three. He still had a point to make. Why not cut the guy some slack, instead of lording it over him. I know for a fact that the author appreciated the proofreading help, inasmuch as he wears all the hats. PNB wasn’t out of line. Were you?

  15. Great review. Informative.

  16. please give me the detailed specification of motor used

    • Crystalyte HS4065

  17. the M1 SPITZING is half the weight, 45mph, 120miles range and around

    • true but still not as much power as the stealth bomber so half price sounds fair 😉 Don’t get me wrong it’s a really good bike 😉

      • there is no videos of the spitzing 😐

        • youtube my friend, or use google it’s not that hard 😉

  18. Just ran down a bomber. With a carver titanium full suspension 4″ fat bike frame high powers 90 volt 5000 or 6000 watt motor and it weighs less then 70 lbs. not bragging just saying. Thanks red bike Edmonton. High power cycle calfornia. It was a blast to build and more fun to ride.

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