Sur-Ron for $169?

August 29, 2019

This…is a SCAM! I wouldn’t have thought that I would have to write about this, but if you shop around for any product, and there is suddenly a pop-up ad at a ridiculously lower price. It is a scam. These ads are all over Facebook right now.

Luna Cycles in Southern California is the only US dealer for Sur Ron products, and this is because Luna agreed to purchase a large quantity when nobody else in the US would take that risk.

Forget about the whole Sur-Ron, lets just look at the battery pack. It is a high-quality 60V pack that has 31.9 Amp-Hours of range. A pack like this is easily over $1,500 by itself. If you are a little skeptical, shop around and try to find a similar battery pack.

Here is a youtube video teardown of the Sur-Ron internals, and the quality of the first sample is what got Luna Cycles to commit to risking so much capital with a huge purchase.

Please don’t fall for these scams. If you buy direct from Sur-Ron in China, the price is over $5,000, and this is done so that they don’t undercut their dealers in Asia, the EU, and the USA.

There are several models of upgrade available, but the lowest price is on the base model. Luna Cycles retails them (as of August 2019) for $3890.

To see what the current prices and options are whenever you read this, the website can be found by clicking here.


Written by Ron/spinningmagnets, August 2019

Grew up in Los Angeles California, US Navy submarine mechanic from 1977-81/SanDiego. Hydraulic mechanic in the 1980's/Los Angeles. Heavy equipment operator in the 1990's/traveled to various locations. Dump truck driver in the 2000's/SW Utah. Currently a water plant operator since 2010/NW Kansas


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