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Sur-Ron Firefly Videos

The Sur-Ron Firefly electric motorcycle has turned out to be very popular, so I’m adding links here to a few videos to provide an inside look at some of the details, for those readers who are curious this new product that’s experiencing a lot of buzz…

The Farfle Walk-Through

The host of the video below is well-known EV hot-rodder “Farfle”. Of particular note is the fully-potted controller, and the cable-throttle which actuates a rotary analog-to-digital converter that is tucked away from handle-bar strikes and rain.



Luna Modded Sur-Ron MX vs Zero Electric Motorcycle

Luna Cycle is the US distributor of the Sur-Ron Firefly, and in the video below, they have programmed an ASI controller to see how much power the stock motor can take…



Sur-Ron Electric MX Front Shock RST vs Fast Ace vs DNM

The main difference between the Super Moto and the MX version is the smooth street tires. They “may be” other minor differences, but that is the most obvious.



We wrote about the Sur-Ron Firefly a few months ago in January (click here to see that article). The Sur-Ron can be found in the Luna Cycles web-catalog here, and…they also have an exclusive 60-tooth sprocket which lowers the top-speed and increases the rear wheel torque. Many riders feel the 60-tooth sprocket is very beneficial when riding off-road. Here is a review of the 60T sprocket by one of my favorite writers, Karl “the wild man” Gesslein.


The 60-tooth sprocket from Luna, next to the smaller stock 42T


If you are interested in actually getting a Sur-Ron MX, here is a youtube of the unboxing and assembly, so you will know what to expect after Fed-Ex or UPS drops the crate off at your home.



Written by Ron/spinningmagnets, May 2018

Grew up in Los Angeles California, US Navy submarine mechanic from 1977-81/SanDiego. Hydraulic mechanic in the 1980's/Los Angeles. Heavy equipment operator in the 1990's/traveled to various locations. Dump truck driver in the 2000's/SW Utah. Currently a water plant operator since 2010/NW Kansas


  1. I ordered mine on May 06. I heard rumor that they arrived this week and that they will be shipping them out next week, can you confirm this? Also the ASI controller, is Luna going to be making one that gives it 20% more power?

  2. Sale of Sur-Ron confusing, adding a spare battery adds $3,800 to the cost of the bike but price listed for battery is $1,400. This means the bike is sold without a battery, which is ludicrous.

  3. Ordered mine first release this is the cutting edge Sur Ron and Luna are working through all responses and listening to customers and continue to refine and improve a technically engineered ebike innovation just like the kids at the skate park when they see me rock on that’s what they yell when I hit the triple jumps people are saving to purchase and everyon from 7- 60 wants one respects Mark

  4. I have the https://motorcityebikes.com lanke leisi plus 1000 watt 48v, third of the power of the sur on… In my state this bike is not allowed anywhere except on the racetrack. Federally mandated law of 30 mph as well makes this one a bootlegger…

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