We decided to make up some ElectricBike.com T-shirts for ourselves and some of our close friends. However, once we went through the process…we thought it might be worthwhile to make up a few more and sell them on our website. However…we’re not going to make something good for ourselves, and then try to slide by with selling crap to our readers.

If this works out well and appear to be popular, we will offer more colors and more sizes…and possibly even some long-sleeved T’s (if there is a demand for them). We may even start a second design. But before we get ahead of ourselves, let me describe what we have now, and how we ended up with these.


Pockets, and Heavy Cloth

We like T’s with a pocket, so every T we have in this first batch order has a chest pocket.

Since  a lot of promotional items are made as cheaply as possible, the local T-shirt guy was surprised we wanted pockets, and he also first showed us the thin “summer weight” T-shirts that are the most popular. I immediately set him straight.

The most common T-shirts use a cloth that weighs 5.4 ounces per square foot, we’re using T-shirts with 6.1 oz cloth.


Sizes and Colors

If these turn out to be popular, we will add more sizes and colors. However, for this first order we only have

Medium, Large, and XL…

and for colors, there is

dark blue, dark green, and black.


The price is $20 each, and shipping to North America is included. Email your order to “spinningmagnets@gmail.com” and I’ll tell you if what you want is still in stock (we won’t take your money unless we have it in stock).





Written by Ron/Spinningmagnets, January 2015