Sur-Ron Spring Upgrades and Updates

Last spring the Sur-Ron exploded onto the scene as one of the hottest ebike products the electric bike community had ever seen.

It is fast, it has full suspension, it has a long range, it is ultra reliable and rugged, it is built like a Honda,  it is super slick looking and it has a price that nothing can compare to at that spec level.

One year since the Sur-Ron began sales in the United States Luna Cycle is doing a massive sale, offering Sur-Rons for lower than its ever sold before starting at $3300.


These prices are especially  amazing especially when you consider that Sur-Ron was one of the products hit early in the year with the 25% tariff penalty for Ebikes because of the trade war between USA and China.

The Sur-Ron comes equipped with a full suspension and at first their was a lot of confusion because the bike was offered by dealers in 3 different configurations: RST,  Fastace and DNM.  To offer name brand double crown forks on  a bike at this price point is pretty unheard of but it did  create a lot of confusion for new buyers on which suspension was best….  Luna Cycle released a video to help new buyers try to sort it out. To make it short… there is not a big difference.  And if you want to see a big suspension improvement it is necessary to spend over $1000 on an upgraded fork like the Fox 40. 


Last summer Sur-Ron added to the confusion by announcing the   X  bike  Mostly the X bike added a sine wave controller for about $500  which was a bit smoother quieter  and more torque than the stock controller…  But it was not a huge upgrade over the original Sur Ron and not worth all the confusion it created.  Many customers waited for the mythic X bike to appear. 

When the X finally arrived at the end of the summer, Matt Richards of Fast ElectricBike Facebook did a great comparison review of the two: 


There was a  Sur-Ron around kicking up a lot of dust when compared to the stock bike.  Late last summer Luna Cycle showed up with their upgraded ASI 8000 hotrodded Sur Ron which used a custom tuned controller and a custom built 96v battery made from Samsung 18650 25rs to show what crazy power this 120 pound bike was capable of.  In reality this bike with its overbuilt chassis and reliable motor and drive line is a hot rodders dream. Luna cycle did a lot of videos of this Hot Rod Surron but here is a good sample: 


Other recent developments regarding upgrades of the Sur Ron  are a belt drive which can significantly quiten the Sur Ron Bike. Luna Cycle will be offering the belt upgrade kits in the near future.

Luna Cycle did  one of its first podcasts dedicated to the Sur-Ron.  In the beginning you can see an ASI powered ASI  Sur-Ron and see how quiet it is: 

This podcast has a lot great info if you have time to watch it….or you can listen to it as a podcast while driving (it is in the itunes store if you search for sur-ron)

There have been many great articles and videos done  by new Sur-Ron owners. 

Our favorite is Mark Kitaoka who was featured in the above podcast. Mark started the Sur Ron Owners Facebook Group and also wrote several amazing articles which feature his hot rodded Sur-Ron and his professional photo skills. 

His latest article documents all the upgrades he has done to his bike including $2000 worth of suspension upgrades:  READ MARKS SUR RON UPGRADE STORY HERE


You can also read Marks Review of the Sur-Ron here.

You can see Mark’s photo tour of Luna here:

Here are some other useful links for new Sur Ron Owners:

Sur Ron Documentation:…/55116-sur-ron-lightbee-documenta…

Sur Ron Knowledge Base

It looks like the Summer of 2019 will once again be the Summer of Sur Ron.

His photo tour of Luna Cycles Here

Other links that

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