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February 28, 2015

Back in December of 2013, we wrote about a wonderful 2WD board-tracker style of E-bike that was made in Croatia by a very skilled designer and engineer named Zlatko Vidic. He named his creation the Mental Manno. Now, he and two of his friends are making another style of E-bike that is designed around the monster Cromotor rear hub. This is a street E-bike, and by using a rear hub, the entire frame is then free to hold the maximum volume of battery. Doing this will allow the owner to have both high volts, and long range.

For any additional information on this E-bike, or the Mental Manno, Zlatko can be contacted at



Although these bikes look similar, there are two completely different rear suspensions.


Zlatko has worked as a consultant for Zelena Vozila (“Green Vehicles”), and he is a part of the team that produced the high-performance Greyborg E-bike frame kit. As wonderful as the Greyborg is, Zlatko had other design ideas he wanted to explore. He and two of his friends worked out the details and they worked together to make one of these E-bikes for each one of them. They have decided to make these for sale, and now…their new company is called Custom Bicycle Manufacturing (CBM).



The city of Zagreb (in Croatia) is a blend of modern art and classic architecture. Here you can see that Zlatko’s E-bike has the swingarm pivot designed to be concentric with the bottom-bracket. It acts as a “rocker arm” to pull down on a linkage which compresses the top of the shock absorber.


Here’s is the history of this new E-bike in Zlatko’s own words:

“This project is based on an electric hub motor called Cromotor. This project has started three years ago, but the path to realization is sometimes unpredictable. In late 2010, I finally found myself with my friend and partner in the project, Eugene Kanjski. The aim of the meeting was agreement on the creation of custom electric bike. For the drive motor, we decided to use powerful Cromotor, who has already a good reputation. Batteries were to be LiFePO4, very safe and with very large capacity.



Zlatko already had experience with the Cycle Analyst E-bike computer. Since it is the best available and has the most useful features, it was the only choice to make.


My task was to mechanically design and construct the bicycle, and Eugen´s to electrically make it “come alive”. Together we arranged around the shape of the bicycle. Eugene lives on steep slopes and had certain requirements that I had to fulfill in connection with the bike. Slowly we began to purchase equipment that would previously selected. Each piece of equipment was subjected to verification and testing. We decided to make bike for everyone. We predicted there would be a need for two sizes of frame. These two frame sizes are designed for a driver from 178 to 185 cm (5’1 “- 6’1”), and 185 to 193 cm (6’1 “- 6’4”).

During this time, Zoran Krndija joined us as the third member . Zoran is the greatest cyclist among us. His task was initially to make fiberglass boxes for batteries, but in the end he could help to physically make ​​the whole bike. His experience had a major contribution to fine-tune the bike to ride.

With Zoran everything started to going faster, but not yet as fast as we planned. This is a project for an enthusiast, and for all that it is used by leisure as it is increasingly running out how they work beside.

The first finished bike was Eugen´s.  Zoran has tested all what he could put on a test, before delivery. Eugen had many bike rides from May 2013. So till now, the bike is in use for more than one year in operation without any objections.



Croatia is located on the beautiful Adriatic sea, just east of Italy.


After Eugen´s bike came his turn to make my bike. On my bike I decided I wanted a change. For the rear suspension arm, I wanted it to perform a little different from the standard style. I designed it with a slightly different suspension, and the rear suspension arm itself is made from a flat sheet with bracing for torsional strength. The changes that I wanted had prolonged the completion of the bike. It took over a year to get the bike finished and brought into bridge.



A great deal of thought went into the design of the rear suspension arm. Once the material of Cro-Mo steel was chosen, Zlatko wanted it to remain strong, while making it as light as possible.



The bottom mount of the shock absorber remains stationary, while the linkage compresses the top.


After my bike was done, Zoran has finally completed his bike in a relatively short period of time. Each of us could decide to paint his bike by his wish. Zoran and I have decided for the same graphic pattern bike, while Eugen chose for their colors.

So far (as of January 2015), Eugen bike has ridden over 3,000 km (1,865 miles). He drives his bike for over a year. Zoran’s bike made ​​2,500 km (1,553 miles) in 4 months. I’m on my bike over 1200 km (745 miles) in 6 months. For now, on any road, we have had no problems.

We are more than satisfied with the job undertaken. It was now logical to join and offer our works in the market. We decided on the name of the CBM. So basically it’s Custom Bike Manufacturer. For now, we offer to potential buyer making a bicycle or electric bike to suit his power requirements and shape of the vehicle. It is possible also to offer the production of vehicles in an individual or in small series.

On the bike can be mounted remote central locking with alarm (siren or silent alarm), and GPS module for tracking a stolen bike. It is an optional offer for the bike.



The battery charging port and ON/OFF key are very professionally done.



Technical characteristics of the CBM bike

VOLTAGE                                                     48V

POWER                                                         250W – 3000W


AND BATTERY MONITORING:                Cycle Analyst V3

RECUPERATION:                                       YES

INTERNAL GEAR SYSTEM                      Schlumpf Speed Drive

FRAME                                                          Cr-Mo steel

FRAME SIZES                                                L, XL

HEADSET                                                     1 1/8“

BRAKES                                                       Hydraulic disc brake – Shimano Roller XT

ROTOR DIAMETER (front/rear)                203 mm

BATTERY TYPE                                          LiFePO4

BATTERY CAPACITY                                30 Ah

CHARGE LIFE CYCLES                            over 1000

REMOVABLE BATTERY                           NO

MAX SPEED                                                25 km/h [15,5mph] (LE mode)

– 55km/h [34,2mph]  (IL mode)

RANGE BY CHARGE                                 110 km  [68 miles] (LE mode)

– 55 km [34 miles] (IL mode)

TYRES                                                           26×2,5“ or 26×3“

PEDALS                                                        Aluminum

RIMS                                                              Aluminum double chamber

LIGHTS                                                          LED



The Mental Manno and the CBM were meant to be ridden, and every part was designed from the ground up by enthusiasts who love to ride.




With mountain paths next to the beautiful Adriatic Sea, no wonder they love powerful E-bikes.


Written by Ron/spinningmagnets, February 2015

Grew up in Los Angeles California, US Navy submarine mechanic from 1977-81/SanDiego. Hydraulic mechanic in the 1980's/Los Angeles. Heavy equipment operator in the 1990's/traveled to various locations. Dump truck driver in the 2000's/SW Utah. Currently a water plant operator since 2010/NW Kansas


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