Inspirational Stories

Blair’s E-Cruiser, using DeWalt cord...

Jan 25, 20173 Comments

Blair is a guy who works as a mechanic at a foods processing plant, and over the years he has seen cordless tool batteries improve

Custom Build Gallery, muTant-E 2.0 from Rus...

Jan 17, 20171 Comment

Every once in a while I’ll start thinking I have seen just about everything that can be done, and then? Someone like this comes along

Luna Cycle Releases Father’s Day Vide...

Jun 18, 2016No Comments

Luna Cycle has just released a father’s day video dedicated to ebike fathers everywhere.     This video was filmed near Luna Cycle headquarters on

Why I sold my car for an Electric Bike

Nov 17, 201313 Comments

After living in San Francisco for 3 years, I decided it was time to remove the last facet of my life from Los Angeles, my

Dogman’s Tale

May 10, 20133 Comments

When I started chatting on the internet, I wanted a screen name to protect my identity. So I chose Dogman because I am part dog, I

Crushing Pikes Peak With a Hub Motor; on a ...

Jul 18, 201215 Comments

No hub motor powered electric bike has previously ever made it to the top of Pikes Peak, although many have tried and failed. This is

10 Hedonistic Pleasures of Riding an Electr...

Jul 07, 20128 Comments

Forget saving the environment, forget one less car, forget setting a good example to your fellow citizens, family and children. Forget about a spiritual connection to

10 Secret Intrinsic Benefits of an Electri...

Jun 30, 201217 Comments

This list is not being published on the front page because a lot of the contents in this story are secret. We who ride fast

DIY Recumbent Electric Bike

Jun 22, 20126 Comments

The following story was submitted by Roger Kaza of St. Louis, Missouri, and is a great narrative on how an electric bike can transform your life

Guerrilla E-biker / Filmmaker

Jun 04, 20128 Comments

June, 2012 Adam’ got a unique opportunity when his family moved to a home in Brittany France that was just  500 meters from the beach.